Google continues roll out updates to its ranking algorithm with increasing frequency.  What made a website rank highly a year ago may not score too well now. Google has particularly pushed to rank mobile sites, accessible from smartphones and the preference given to local business has been greatly enhanced. You may decide that now is the time to audit your law firm’s site and get all or parts of it rewritten. If you don’t offer mobile content, you really need to add it now.

The SEO information sites have posted articles of particular interest to those considering a new website. This week’s SEO trends roundup features articles from Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

12 Things To Check In Your Local Homepage SEO Audit

If your law firm already has a website, your first design decision is going to be whether you should alter and add pages or scrap the whole site and start again. The driver behind this decision is a site audit. This article will give you some idea of what features to check on your site.

It Takes a Village – or at Least a Team – to Build Successful Websites and Apps

This Search Engine Watch article is a good place to start when you are thinking of commissioning a new website for your law firm. The article describes the different skills required to put together a winning website. You will probably have to buy in freelance expertise to get the proper skills required for the task.

Deal With the Big Rocks First

This article explains that many SEO driven tweaks to a website can only gain you minor ranking gains and sometimes a complete rewrite is the best option. The writer makes the point that the is no point in tweaking something that is fundamentally rotten. This may be the case for your law firm’s website. The article gives some pointers on how to conceptualize the purpose, and therefore, the design of your site.

Google Releases Video Series On Taking Your Local Business Online

If you take one step back from the question of how to design your law firm’s website, you might come to ask yourself whether the practice actually needs its own website. Time was that only the most out of touch business didn’t have their own sites. But nowadays, with Facebook, Google + et al, you might do very well with just a social media profile rather than a full custom site.

Google Mobile Warnings For Adobe Flash Sites Expand Worldwide

You may not realize it, but Adobe Flash will not run on a majority of smartphones, so, you can have Flash on your main website, but only if you have a mobile version that redirects those accessing your site via a smartphone. Do not use Adobe Flash in the mobile version of your site. This is because Apple smartphones tend to run using a standard media implementation framework called jQuery. If that little nugget weren’t enough, Apple’s iPhone doesn’t support Flash at all. But, Android phones, for the most part, do. This presents a conundrum that must be decided on during the development process: do we use Flash, or do we use the most platform independent method to reach the most customers on the most devices: jQuery?

The most common implementations of the latest HTML5 websites use this technology framework, which runs completely independent of Flash. Because of this framework, websites can take less time to load and can run regardless of which platform you are on. Flash is an application that requires itself to be installed on the user’s machine, which makes for an awkward situation when these machines do not have Flash installed and you try to access a Flash-based website. The benefits of jQuery are great and do not require such a limited scope of installation.

If your website is currently antiquated and is still using Flash, you may want to consider a website overhaul to make sure your site runs regardless of whether or not Flash is installed. The websites James Attorney Marketing builds for attorneys always run on the latest technologies which are perfect for SEO, and we’d love to be your partner in your next website endeavor.

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