As you become more familiar with Web concepts, you will start to want to explore some tools to help analyze and optimize your law firm’s website. There are new tools being produced every year and if you find one that meets your needs you will find you end up using it almost every day.

Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal have some good tips on tools for you website.

37 Awesome Tools To Get The Most From Your SEO Campaigns

This is a long list of tools you could try out to improve the performance of your law firm’s website. Most of them have free versions. Each entry in the list has a link through to the website of the tool’s provider. The article divides tools into three categories: analysis tools, link prospecting/acquisition and performance measurement. Majestic, Open Site Explorer, SEMRush, Screaming Frog and Google Analytics are probably the most widely used of the tools in this list.

10 Tools to Help Discover and Monitor Negative SEO Activity

One way to get to the top of search engine results pages is to undermine the rankings of your competitors. This methodology is called “black hat SEO,” or “negative SEO.” How do you find out if someone is using dirty tricks against your law firm’s website? This article outlines ways to detect what is going wrong with your rankings and identify a negative SEO campaign that someone has launched against you.

 Using Analytical Analysis to Help Improve Conversions

This article is a useful tutorial on how to use Google Analytics. This is a free tool, but you can nly access stats on a website that you can prove you own. So, if you do not have the primary responsibility for your law firm’s website, you would need to get your practice’s webmaster to set up the account for you.

 The Content Marketer’s Toolkit: 35 Tools You Can’t Blog Without

Neil Patel runs his own SEO consultancy. In this Search Engine Journal article, he passes on some tips about the tools he rates. He has been a little bit cheeky, putting his own website, Quick Sprout, at the top of the list. However, each entry contains a link through to the tool in question, so check through them to see if any will help you with your law firm’s website.

5 AdWords Optimization Checkpoints You May Be Missing

If you use Google AdWords to advertize your law firm, this Search Engine Watch article should be of interest to you. Like many tools, Google AdWords has lots of features and it is difficult for new users to get to know all the tweaks that bring the most benefit from the system. The article includes screen shots of the important sections of the tool as each is discussed so you should know where to look in order to follow the article’s advice.

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