Social media is a useful channel for digital marketing and you can use these sites to advertise your law firm, both on a local and a national level. This week’s SEO roundup looks at recent news concerning social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This reading list will give you a good grounding in the topic of social media and help you to formulate a digital marketing strategy using these sites.

Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Roundtable provide the news items for this week’s trends on social marketing.

In Q3, Facebook Drove 4x More Traffic Than Pinterest

You won’t get any guidance on how to implement your law firm’s social media campaign from this article, but you will get some direction. Facebook is still by far the largest of the social media sites and this report explains the company’s position relative to the up-and-coming Pinterest.

Twitter Stock Plunges Following Reports Of Declining User Engagement

You may have noticed from the league table in the previous report in this roundup that Twitter is not doing very well. Last week, Twitters own admission of falling user numbers caused their stock price to fall. The difficulty with marketing on Twitter is that messages posted there tend to fade out pretty quickly. So, maybe you would be better focusing your law firm’s social marketing campaign on Facebook.

7 Proven Methods to Explode Your Social Shares

With this article, you will finally get some ideas on how to go about implementing a social marketing strategy for your law firm. The article is written for a general business audience, and not specifically for the legal sector. However, you can interpret these tips for your specific practice areas. Putting up detailed guides on your area of specialization is a particularly good idea because the law can be a topic that confuses and distresses the general public. You will attract potential customers by highlighting your expert knowledge.

SEO Must Be About More Than Your Website

This report explains how social media ties in with your search engine optimization and offline advertising campaigns. It suggests that social media won’t necessarily get you the attention of the general public by itself. It is better to use social media sites to get recommendations from previous customers to gain new clients for your law firm.

Google My Business Adds Awesome Features For Businesses

Google My Business used to be called Google Places. It ties in with Google+, which is Google’s rival to Facebook. As you would have seen from the league table in the first article of this roundup, Google+ is nowhere near as popular as Facebook. However, you should be registered with Google My Business, because it ties in closely with Google Maps, which is a widely used tool. That engagement will literally put your law firm on the map and will help improve your rankings on Google for local searches. This article explains some new features in Google My Business, including alerts when a new review is posted about your law practice.

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