With Christmas approaching and Black Friday just past, the SEO news sites are full of stories about capturing holiday season shoppers, which is not very interesting with those of you running a legal practice and angling for new clients. However, Search Engine Journal has a string of articles this week about podcasts, which are worth exploring. In order to fully explain the medium, this week’s SEO roundup slips outside of the SEO news world to include a couple of sites that explain what podcasts are, and how you might be able to use them to promote your law firm.

What is a Podcast?

Entrepreneur’s Journey gives a straight-forward explanation of what a podcast is. Basically, it is a downloadable audio file. The term “podcast” is a contraction of “Pod” and “broadcast. It is like a snippet of a talk radio show that people download and listen to on an MP3 player, either when they are driving in their car, or jogging, or sitting in the garden. If you have considered putting up PDF files on your law firm’s website to attract the general public by explaining aspects of the law, you could produce that information to an audio format in order to benefit from the new podcasting trend. Another big benefit of pocasts is that you can post them on third party sites, like iTunes, in order to get the attention of the general public.

What is a Podcast

This guide from How To Podcast Tutorial explores formats you could use for your podcast. If you have a good speaking voice, you could just produce your podcast as a monologue. However, if you are not so confident, you could hire in a professional podcaster to produce your podcast for you. In the second scenario, the podcast would probably take the form of an interview, with the podcaster asking you a series of questions about the legal topic you want to highlight. Using the “talk radio” format makes planning your presentation a lot easier.

What Mic Do I Need For a Professional Podcast? 10 of The Best Podcasting Microphones

If you plan to produce your podcasts yourself, this Search Engine Journal article runs down the best hardware currently available. If you are going to shell out some of your law firm’s budget on a microphone, read this article first to work out which mic will produce the best quality podcast.

How To Market Your Podcast Online

This article contains essential advice, but, unfortunately, it is a little complicated. The article explains that you link your podcast library to your own website via an RSS feed. If you go back to the Entrepreneur’s Journey page, at the beginning of this article list, you will find links to a guide on how to set up RSS feeds. This Search Engine Journal article also has links to articles explaining procedures to integrate this technology into your law firm’s website. This step is necessary because if you store your podcasts on the same server as your law firm’s website, you could slow down access to your site, or even crash the server because of all the bandwidth required to download copies of the podcast.

What It Takes To Get Your Business Ranked Locally with Bernadette Coleman

One more Search Engine Journal article here and this is included as an example of a podcast. Rather than focusing on the content of this podcast, look at how the article gives a brief introduction to the topic and then explains how to access the podcast via iTunes. The podcast is also included as a stream embedded in the article. Having said that, the topic of this podcast would also be of interest to lawyers trying to raise their profiles in local searches.

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