Video gives lawyers a great way to establish trust with the general public and create an authoritative presence in your target practice areas. Besides its ability to enable you to establish your personal brand, video also has positive SEO benefits. The amount of time visitors spend on your website influences your rankings. Therefore, putting up useful videos containing advice will prolong visit times and improve your rankings.

Although there hasn’t been much news in the SEO community on video issues this week, the importance of using authority to enhance your rankings is a cogent topic because specialist advice was a key target of Google’s recent Panda 4.0 algorithm rollout. So now is the time to add video to your site. This roundup reaches back to articles from past months appearing on Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journaland the Moz Blog.

Video Helps Persuade 73% of People to Buy a Product or Service

This is one of three reports from previous months that are still available on Search Engine Watch that you will find enlightening when establishing your video strategy. This is an easy-to-read explanation of the benefits videos have to sales in various industries. Notice as well in this report that videos are a good way to get the general public to promote your law firm because people will forward links to your webinars to their friends.

5 Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos & Website

The next of the Search Engine Watch trio that you need to read is a lot more technical. If you are tech-squeamish, you may find this article difficult to understand. However, there are important factors in this article that pertain to the planning of your video content that you need to understand. If you are a sole practitioner saving money by managing your firm’s website yourself, you will also have to get to grips with the technical details in this article. With this information you will be able to optimize your video content for YouTube, and thus, by extension, for search engines.

How to Deliver Useful Marketing With Video Resource Microsites

The last of the Search Engine Watch articles that you need to view contains some interesting snippets about the format of the videos that work for SEO. The most interesting factoid here is that simply produced videos are more successful that glitzy productions. People trust advice that is plainly presented and associate high-quality production with a sales pitch. So, don’t throw too much money at the videos you create to promote your law firm. Just present your talks as a fireside chat, or a whiteboard explanation.

How to Prove ROI Potential of Content Campaigns – Whiteboard Friday

In the world of SEO, no one does “whiteboard” like Moz Blog. This article over at Moz has some handy tips, but it is particularly of interest because it demonstrates the whiteboard format. This format appeals to a University educated audience that regularly attends seminars, conferences or training courses, because the style of presentation exploits the experiences and memories of such attendees and acquires the authority of educational material simply by mimicking the style of a training course. Whether this style works well for your law practice or not depends on your practice specializations and your target market.

6 Ways to Distribute Content and Boost Your Blog Traffic

This Search Engine Journal article contains two particularly useful sections. The very first section of the article talks about creating an “Educational Resource” section in video format and this is exactly the type of presentation you need to include on your law firm’s website. Depending on your area of specialization, calling your video library and “Educational Resource” may or may not be a good idea. Label the section according to the tone that researches discovered will reach out best to your target market. The third section of this reports shows how you can embed video links in posts to social media to enhance your marketing presentation.

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