Twitter is like a chat system, except your postings on Twitter can be seen by many people rather than just one correspondent. Companies use Twitter like an informal press conference and politicians and celebrities use it to express their views and expand their supporter base. Lawyers can use Twitter to great effect to win clients by enhancing their personal reputation and by getting their law firm’s name noticed by a selected audience.
If you don’t know much about Twitter, but are considering using it to win clients for your practice, this roundup of SEO news will help you plan a strategy to get tweeting. These articles from Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land contain the most recent news on Twitter usage.

Twitter Offers Data-Backed Tips On How To Engage With Millennials

This report covers the usage habits of “millennial.” This demographic describes the generation that reached adulthood around the year 2000 and are now in their late twenties to early thirties. This information may or may not interest your practice. However, whether you intend to cater to this age bracket or not, their habits usually spread to other age groups and so they are a useful group to watch.

Report: Social Sharing On Mobile Devices Surges 30% In Second Quarter

The Twitter report above includes information on mobile access. This factor is reinforced by the data in this report on social media habits. According to this Share This report, 71 per cent of Tweets are sent from smartphones and tablets. As law firms need to shift their marketing efforts towards local searches on mobile devices, this shows Twitter would fit well into any mobile marketing strategy.

Just Like Facebook, Twitter’s New Impression Stats Suggest Few Followers See What’s Tweeted

This article raises an issue that reduces Twitters effectiveness as a communication medium, compared to Facebook. That is that Tweets age out rapidly and only really reach those followers who are actually online when you post a particular tweet. Knowledge is power however, and if you take this factor onboard, you will be able to get ahead of the competition when broadcasting you law firm’s opinions on topics of the moment. Finding ways to retweet on the same topic without duplicating your posts would extend the visibility of a particular opinion. Getting others to retweet your ideas is also a recommended strategy.

Influential Twitter Accounts Indexed More in Google

This Search Engine Watch article discusses the factors behind Google’s indexing of tweets. Although the idea that tweeting gets you better rankings on Google is an attractive one, this article explains that there is little positive effect for anyone but the most influential of tweeters. Plan your law firms twitter strategy according to the benefits of Twitter rather than trying to manipulate the system to get Google’s attention.

Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong

If you are new at tweeting as a marketing strategy, you will find this article very useful. Although tweets should appear spontaneous and conversational, you would do well to plan out your tweets to follow a specific theme. Make sure you avoid the pitfalls outlined in this article so that your efforts don’t actually damage your law firm’s reputation.

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