Hints from Google’s Matt Cutts so far this year suggest that there is a major shakeup in the pipeline in the way Google ranks results. This may make you reluctant to invest in an online marketing strategy for your law firm until the new algorithm goes live. The dust still needs to settles over what wins in search engine optimization and which standard strategies have become defunct. However, you still need to drive your firm’s sales forward, so you should switch your efforts to social media for the time being.

You need to build your firm’s authority and yet also seem approachable to people in distress. The various strands of social media can help you achieve this goal when combined with a high quality presentation on your website. This week’s SEO Roundup looks at social media and takes in articles from Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Search Engine Land has a section of “How Tos” that explain various digital marketing topics. If you are new to the field of social media, this brief article will act as an introduction. The article contains links through to other library resources on the site. A notable feature of this overview is its mention of social media as a method towards link building and to draw attention to other content created by your firm and your practice leaders.

Digital Data Trends – Search, Social, & Content Fusion

This is the first of two articles on Search Engine Watch this week that will help you link up your social marketing, SEO and content marketing strategies. The article contains lots of infographics, so if you are a sole practitioner or practice manager with little knowledge of digital marketing concepts, you should find this article easy to digest.

Combining Social & Content to Earn Visibility & Earn $$$

This second Search Engine Watch article fleshes out the topic of “fusion,” which seems to be becoming a digital marketing buzzword. The “Determine Goals and Resources” section of this article will be particularly useful to give you topics to consider when formulating a digital marketing strategy for your practice.

How to Combine Your SEO and Content Marketing for Explosive Results

This article at Search Engine Journal has some very good ideas on how to implement a digital marketing strategy that includes both social media and content marketing. Specifically, it draws attention to the fact that Wikipedia and other Wiki sites are part of the social media clan. This is because their content is contributed by the general public rather than by staff. There is a particularly good idea in this article on how to get content on Wikipedia, which is a site with great authority that is a perfect communication channel for a law firm. Comedy Central states that they get 100,000 visits to their website every month just from Wikipedia links, so it is a great free method to draw attention to your firm’s website without having to waste time tweeting obsessively. This article also covers Google Authorship, which is a great way to make stars of your practice specialists.

How to use Google+ to Increase Brand Engagement

Although you are probably familiar with Facebook and may even already have a page there for your practice, you may have overlooked Google’s rival system, Google+. This Search Engine Journal article is an easy to swallow guide on the topic, which is an essential tool if you are going to implement Google Authorship for your firm’s practice leaders. Google greatly favors Google+ profiles in its ranking algorithm, so setting up on Google+ will push up your rankings on Google’s search engine results pages.

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