Matt Cutts, Google’s “spamdexing” chief, has long been the person to watch for guidelines on successful SEO. However, Mr Cutts started to make things difficult for his followers. From February 2014 he stopped writing anything meaningful on his official blog site and in July of the same year he announced he was taking a sabbatical and would not be available for some time. You might feel a little lost for guidance in his absence, so this week’s SEO roundup looks at five SEO gurus you have to follow.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin created an SEO analysis company called SEO Moz, which he later renamed “Moz.” Despite Fishkin’s struggles with corporate issues, which led him to step down as CEO of his own company, he is still regarded as an SEO guru. Although he has his own blog on the Moz site, Fishkin seems to have reduced his commitment to that outlet for his musing and is now more likely to expound on the main Moz blog. Fishkin is famous for inventing his Whiteboard Friday webinars and these give a good example to any lawyers who want to establish their identity with the general public by posting video advice on the Web. Check out his latest Whiteboard Friday posting, How Do I Successfully Run SEO Tests on My Website? To see how he made his name and think about how you could adapt this presentation style to boost your firm’s turnover.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel runs his own SEO company, especially focusing on generating traffic. Neil is a well known SEO specialist and his reputation is evidenced by his frequent appearance on much respected SEO news sites, where he is often commissioned to write topical advice to the SEO community. He popped up on Search Engine Journal this week with the article How I Write 8 Blog Posts a Week While Running 2 Companies. As a lawyer running your own practice and trying your hand at SEO, you should find Neil’s experience, laid out in this article, illuminating.

Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay has been an SEO consultant since before anyone used the term “search engine optimization.” He writes a blog explaining trends he encounters in the daily operation of his business. Sometimes, these posting offer an insight into the difficulties of running a business, with which small law firms can empathize. However, other times he is able to highlight a development in search engine marketing that the mainstream SEO news sites miss. This week, the Bruce Clay Blog features an article on authorship, which explains the mystifying recent downgrading of author promotion at Google. Google Author Rank is Coming; ClearVoice is Ready brings very important advice for lawyers who want to gain clients and establish authority through writing advice on the Web.

Glenn Gabe

Like Neil Patel, Glenn Gabe is an SEO guru with his own consultancy who is also often featured on SEO news sites like Search Engine Watch. Gabe is able to illuminate his SEO findings with the data to which he has access as an SEO advisor to many companies. If you have to run your own website for your law firm, you will find his advice illuminating. If you are the practice manager of a large law firm with the luxury of a Web marketing department, you might be better off passing Gabe’s blog address on to them. Gabe writes a blog called the Internet Marketing Driver. However, his style is very analysis intensive, so if you are not that into technical issues, you will find it a struggle to follow his explanations.

Lisa Wilson

As a specialist publisher for the legal sector, James Attorney Marketing sought out writers for the James Attorney Marketing Blog with specific law-related Web experience. Lisa Wilson has a long history as a content manager for, so law firms really need to pay attention to her advice when they are planning blogs, articles, white papers and videos to post on their sites. Lisa’s recent post, Legal Marketing Tip: 5 Important Blog Steps You Can’t Afford To Forget should help you strategize your law firm’s blog.

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