The SEO community pays special attention to everything Google does almost to the complete exclusion of all other search engines. This is because Google consistently accounts for around 65 per cent of all Web searches every year.

However, this position may be changing. You may expect that the challenge to Google’s supremacy arises from the search engine’s traditional rivals, Bing and Yahoo. However, this is not the case. New applications, not traditionally thought of as search engines are starting to crowd the search engine space and they are winning market share from Google.

This roundup looks at alternative search engines for you to consider as marketing outlets for your law practice. The reports in this roundup come from Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Land.

Search Apps Stealing Mobile Search Ad Revenues from Google

This Search Engine Watch article highlights the fight back that is currently being implemented by traditional directories like Yellow Pages. Way back when, people would automatically reach for the telephone directory to find goods or services, but then the Internet came along. Recent trends towards local searches have played into the hands of the directory companies who have placed their databases online. In this article you will see that the directories are winning market share from Google in paid advertising, so consider paying for feature placements for your law firm in local searches on directories rather than on Google.

With Guided Search, Is Pinterest the “Next” Search Engine?

The headline of this Search Engine Watch article plainly identifies a new direction for Pinterest as a contender in the search engine world. Pinterest is classified as a “curation tool.” This means that people make collections of sites and pictures that interest them and then invite people to look at their collection. This is a rather odd pursuit that is difficult to fit legal services into. However, the endeavor will pay off, because Pinterest is on the rise.

Pinterest Is Bringing Guided Search From Its Mobile Apps To Desktop Users

This is an article in Search Engine Journal on the same subject that you just read about in Search Engine Watch. Reading another article on the same development at Pinterest may seem like a waste of time. However, there does seem to be a lot of interest in the SEO news world in what Pinterest is doing at the moment and so doubling up your time on this topic may help you focus on how you can use it to market your law firm.

Pinterest Introduces A Faster Search Experience For Place Pins

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about Pinterest by now. However, look at this article about the company, which also comes from Search Engine Journal. The site has “Place Pins,” which look remarkably similar to Google Local’s search methods on Google Maps. As you are more likely to get clients from your law office’s locale, you need to find a way to get your place pinned just in case Pinterest ends up trouncing Google in the local search market.

Why Your Business Should be on Instagram

Like Pinterest (sorry to mention it again), Instagram is a big online marketing platform you have probably never heard of. However, with 200 million accounts, most of which are in the USA, this is site you need to get to know. As the title of this piece suggests, you may benefit from tailoring some of your law firm’s marketing towards Instagram. This article gives a good 101 on the site.

Facebook Explains Organic Reach; While Some Users Are Afraid To Like Content

This article in Search Engine Roundtable explains that things are not going to well for marketers who focus their strategy on Facebook. Reading this, you will probably start to realize why so many people have started to switch their marketing from Facebook to Instagram. If your law firm’s marketing is heavily invested in Facebook, maybe you should now take a look at Instagram as an alternative outlet.

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