The central task of search engine optimization is to improve a site’s rankings, which means the position pages on the site appear in search engine results. As all of the major search engines have been adjusting their ranking algorithms recently, it is a good idea to pick through the latest news and find exactly what the industry experts advise right now to get your law firm’s website’s rankings up.

If you run a small practice, or if you are a sole practitioner, you probably don’t have a big enough marketing budget to hire experts to do this work for you. These articles from Search Engine Watch,Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land will help you understand the current strategies to improve your rankings.

Many Organic Results Influenced by Locality

Regular visitors to the James Attorney Marketing blog would have read features stressing the importance of local search results. This Search Engine Watch article continues this advice. Few people fly across the country to visit their lawyers. The majority of people seeking legal advice are only interested in finding a lawyer close to their home or office. Therefore, acing local search results will give you the best opportunities of gaining clients from your website. Focus on ranking high in search engine results for your location.

Content Creators Ranking Checklist: How Quality Scores Influence

Last week’s SEO Trends article at James Attorney Marketing included the troubling news that Google is dropping the author thumbnail portrait from search results entries. This is a shame because author identification is a very useful tool for lawyers to establish their authority and generate business. This article includes some useful suggestions for those of you who chose the content route to boost your rankings.

UI 101: Are Looks or Usability More Important While Designing Your Website?

Here are two web design acronyms to chew on: UI and UX. UI is the user interface, or the theme, the look and feel of your site. UX stands for user experience. This article discusses the relative merits of beauty and usability, which means UI vs UX. It is the usability of your law firm’s site (the UX) that will improve your rankings. Google tracks the amount of time the average visitor spends on your site, so if it is unappealing (UI issues) the visitor will jump straight out and go to the next entry in the search results page. If the visitor can’t easily find what she is looking for (UX) she will leave. If your content entices the visitor to spend some time on your site (UX again) you will rise up the rankings.

Former Googler: Links That Change Are Trusted Less By Google’s Algorithms

This Search Engine Land article raises an interesting reason why your rankings are slipping. If you, or someone you pay, has altered the text or format of some of your links since Google’s web crawler first saw them, the mere fact that the links have changed may be losing you your rankings.

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