The James Attorney Digital Marketing blog gives you lots of tips on how to organize your law firm’s site to attract clients by getting to the top of search engine results. However, there is one fail-safe way to get on page one of Google results – pay them. One of the main income streams for search engines comes from those special entries to the side of search engine results that guarantee the buyer space on the first page.

Over the past week, Bing has been releasing enhancements to its Bing Ads service and there has been lots of news in the SEO news community this week on this topic. Google clearly saw this development coming and they have also been releasing changes to their Ad Words system.

Explore this topic with the following articles from Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

Improving Your Ad Campaigns with Advanced Metrics: An Interview with John Gagnon

Here is a video interview with a key member of Bing Ads staff. In this interview, John Gagnon gives some pointers on how to assess a paid search ad campaign. This information is useful if you have been drawn into a paid search campaign for your law firm, but don’t really see what benefits it is bringing you. If you master these aspects of your campaign, you can work out how to tweak your ads to get a bigger bang for your buck.

Bing Ads Enhances Geo-Targeting for Increased Relevancy

This article covers one of the enhancements to its Ads service that Bing has announced today. As a small legal practice, you are more likely to get your customers from your local area than from overseas or in other states. Therefore, this refinement to the display of advertisements only to searchers in your immediate vicinity will better use your advertising dollar. Remember you pay a fee for every time your ad is shown, so limiting impressions to local searchers will better utilize your budget.

AdWords Will Drop 2nd Line of Ad Text for Ad Extensions on Mobile

Google has been focusing on its presentation to mobile searchers this year and this alteration to Google Ad Words ties in with this push. Google will now only show one line of description for an Ad Words advert to enable it to squeeze in an app. In the example given in this article, that app is a mapping tool. This sort of development is particularly important if your law firm relies on emergency room work, or any kind of immediate crisis. Someone looking for a lawyer right now is likely to do a quick search and then walk or drive to a nearby office. So this development is good news.

7 Hidden Features In AdWords To Make Your Life Easier

If you are still finding your way with Google Ad Words in your legal practice’s digital marketing strategy, this article will give you some pointers. This Search Engine Land article outlines some tricks to give your AdWords placement a winning edge.

Facebook Is Using User Feedback To Show Better Ads

Facebook is another outlet for advertising campaigns and, like Bing and Google, they are brushing up their algorithm to show ads relevant to the particular likes and activities of the viewer. The social media site now enables members to effectively “complain” about the ads they are shown. Therefore, be careful that your ads are visually pleasing and informative, otherwise, you may find your adverts eventually blacklisted from the site.

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