Does you law firm have an advertising budget? Do you place ads for your practice in local newspapers and magazines? Have you ever considered paying for an advertisement on your local TV station? If you are an advertising spender, you have probably heard about paid advertisements on search engines like Google and Bing. If this is a topic that might interest you, you could start to get a feel for the topic by reading a few industry news articles rather than paying for a course or hiring consultants.

You can get a feel about where to direct your online advertising budget by reading the articles highlighted in this SEO roundup. As with anything concerning Web technology, the freshness of the information you study is key. The SEO industry is constantly changing, driven forward by advances in techniques and technology. The second week in March 2014 brought forth a lot of articles on the issue of paid search engine marketing.

This week’s roundup features news stories from Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

Desktop Ad Spend Forecast to Plummet $1.4 Billion in 2014

An initial glance at this item’s title might give you the idea that online advertising has had its day. In fact, this is one important link in a chain of news about the growth of mobile technology. Google is pouring its resources into reformatting its services for mobile users and this indicates a trend away from the Web’s use as an online library towards it being used more for quick bites of information that can be presented on a smartphone. As Google relies on paid advertising for its income, it is preparing Web advertisers for the shape of things to come. This article spells out some of the factors in this trend. This will direct you more towards the possible format of any online advertising you invest in for your legal practice.

How to Capitalize on Semantic Time Savings for Online Advertising

A key benefit of online advertising is the opportunity to really target your spend towards only those members of the public looking you’re your practice’s services. For example, there is no point getting your firm noticed by people looking for a divorce lawyer if you specialize in finance law. This leads towards the search engine marketing specialization of “contextual advertising.” This article in Search Engine Journal will give you a good introduction to that topic.

Are You a PPC Expert? Then You Should be Using These Advanced PPC Tactics

The standard charging method for online advertising is that you will be billed for each click your banner or link receives to direct that person through to your site. This concept is summarized as “pay per click” and you will see the acronym PPC many times when researching search engine marketing. This Search Engine Journal article will give you an understanding of some of the key issues in PPC for your law firm’s online campaign.

6 Must-Attend Local Advertising and Marketing Conferences in 2014

The chances are that your practice gets most of its clients from within a few miles of its offices. This SEJ piece lists a number of conferences and events you might consider attending in order to learn how to focus your advertising on your locale.

Driving PPC And SEO Synergy In Large Enterprises

If you are in charge of the Internet strategy of a large legal practice you might benefit from this Search Engine Land article about how large businesses go about implementing their PPC strategies.

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