Google hasn’t added any new announcements to its three key blogs (Matt Cutts’ Blog, Inside Search andWebmaster Central Blog) this week, despite the fact that the company has been making changes to its Google Local structure. Fortunately, other SEO news sites picked up on the development and have been busy featuring Local SEO stories during the past week.

This week’s roundup features news stories fromSearch Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Places Adds Over 1,000 New Categories

All the SEO news sites covered this story. However, the changes to Google Places won’t affect many US law firms. These new categories only apply to international business listings.

Google Sending Warnings To Business Owners

Another story featured on Search Engine Journal may require your attention. Google has made changes to Google Maps and this seems to have impacted Google Places listings. Your law firm may lose its Google Places listing unless you log in and verify the details of the business. Make sure whoever is in charge of your firm’s Web presence reads this article and takes the appropriate action.

Google+ Local Pages Now Show To User Before Pin Verification

Search Engine Roundtable features this story which covers a change Google has made to its Google + Local dashboard. This is a minor technical change on the visibility of a business to its owners. However, coordinated evolution going on at Google in its Maps, Google+ Local and Google Places show that you need to get your law firm on these systems because they are becoming important tools to get your law firm at the top of search engine results pages.

Can Yahoo Make A Come Back Into Search?

Good news from Yahoo sparked another article on Search Engine Roundtable. This details that Yahoo is planning on re-launching its own search engine.

Yahoo Turns To Yelp To Beef Up Local Search

Search Engine Land has more insight into Yahoo’s moves with this article showing that the company wants to focus its new search engine on local data. If your law firm already has a Yelp listing, it looks like that will soon be transferred over to Yahoo search results.

YP Wants To Compete Directly With Google And Yelp In Local

Search Engine Land also reports that Yellow Pages, now called “YP” is reconfiguring its online service to look and feel more like a search engine. Given the nature of Yellow Pages, this will result in another rival for Google+ Local. Check your law firm’s Yellow Pages listing and make sure it is up to date.

5 Tips To Kill The Competition In Local Search

If your law firm is not taking advantage of Local SEO, check out this guide from Search Engine Land on the topic.

6 Local Tips For Small Business SEO Success

This second guide from Search Engine Land would prove useful reading for the partner responsible for digital marketing at your law firm.

4 Tactics to Drive Incremental Local SEO Performance

Search Engine produced this guide which will also be of interest to you as you develop your law firms Local SEO strategy.

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