The “World Wide” in “World Wide Web” stresses the international nature of the Internet which enables the little guy to reach a vast marketplace. However, in reality, do you really need the attention of the world to make a living as a lawyer in the US?

Small partnerships and sole practitioners only need to focus on their own neighborhood to find clients. This reality applies to many businesses and the search engines have latched onto this factor. As far as search engine optimization is concerned, we are currently in a transition phase from global reach to local focus and from computer-based Internet access to phone-based access.

The advancement of local and mobile go hand in hand and both have lurched forward slightly this week, according to news from Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Digital Third Coast.

Secret Contracts Keep Google In Control Of Mobile Search Argues Lawsuit

This Search Engine Land article makes interesting reading for a legal eagle. It illustrates how vital mobile is becoming and that Google is making sure it remains top dog among search engines in the mobile search arena.

Google: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores

Over at Search Engine Watch we learn that Google is promoting its position on the marriage of local and mobile. Although this article talks about local searches on mobile devices leading directly to footfall in shops, the implication of this study is obvious for small law practices. This new trend is greatly to the benefit of small local practices over the multi-site mega-corp law firms and brand affiliations.

Local Listing Management Priorities: How & Where to Syndicate Local Data

Speaking of large multi-site law firms, if you run one, you would be more interested in this Search Engine Watch article, which explains a strategy you could adopt to fight back in the local search rankings. The little guy might like to read this, too, just to see what you are up against.

How To Build A Local Brand Through Online Marketing

As a small partnership, you stand to gain most from the trend towards local and mobile, but we now know that the big boys are muscling in on the local action. Your response to this is covered in this Search Engine Land article, which explains the importance of building a local brand to tie in with your local search opportunities.

Bing Launches On Firefox OS, Does It Matter?

Just to show that the Web isn’t all about Google, here is a story about the Bing search engine, which also powers searches on Yahoo. Google has established a dominant position in mobile applications because of its ownership of the Android operating system. Ironically, Bing, owned by Microsoft, is the underdog in the mobile search fight because of the migration away from Windows-operating laptops towards smartphones. Bing is getting into bed with the open source Firefox operating system for smartphones, which Google is pointedly ignoring. Therefore, if you are testing your law firm’s Web presence, make sure your new pages look good on the Firefox operating system, because it looks like it may be on the rise.

How to Improve Your Local SEO

In this article by Digital Third Coast, they dive into the reasons of why local SEO is important, and how can you improve it for your law firm. This article has some great in-depth tips for you to take a look at and reevaluate your SEO marketing. In fact, 46% of shoppers report using their phone to research local products and services. This is a statistic you can’t ignore, as it will only increase in the near future.

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