With spring just around the corner, thoughts turn to website housekeeping and strategic reviews. The SEO industry has been turning its attention to the thorny issue of “link building,” mostly driven by a number of comments and explanations made by Matt Cutts on the subject towards the end of February 2014. As Cutts is the head of Google’s anti-spamdexing team, his opinion matters, because it can earn your firm’s website penalties if you fall fowl of Mr Cutts’ priorities.

Now would be a good time to review your law firm’s backlink strategy, or, if you don’t have one, you should consider creating one. You may not know what that task entails. However, don’t worry, this roundup contains tips, explanations and guides.

This week’s roundup features news stories from Google’s Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

How Many Links Should you Build in 2014? All of Them

An expert may have told you that links are no longer important in SEO. If that is the case, you should read this article on Search Engine Journal quickly before you make ill-informed strategic errors for you law firm’s Web pages. As well as explaining that links are still important for SEO, the piece gives a few quick tips on building a backlink strategy. If you a practice manager and have an IT team to do this sort of thing for you, treat this as an executive summary.

Matt Cutts: Excluding Links From Google’s Algorithm Would Make Search Results Worse

If you still think Google has removed the importance of links from its algorithm, take some advice from the company’s Mr Spamdex. If you are now convinced that your firm needs to focus on link building, we have some advice and tools for you in the following links.

When To Consider A Backlink Cleanup

This article from Search Engine Land covers the topic of auditing existing backlinks to a site. Jon Ball explains why, when and how to do it. This advice should get you on the runway if your practice already has backlinks.

How to Deal With an Unnatural Links Penalty on a Budget

This Search Engine Journal article explains some free tools you can use to try to work out whether your law firm’s website has been hit by a rank-crippling penalty for the links that point to it.

New Backlink Analysis Tool Available From WebMeUp Completely For Free

Another Search Engine Journal article explains a tool you could try when auditing the links that point to your law firm’s website.

Link Building on a Budget

If you’re cash-strapped, you might also like to read this article, which is one of an array of recent articles on link building produced by Search Engine Watch.

Others that might help you with your law firm’s links are:

How to Find and Build Powerful EDU Backlinks

This article, which is on Search Engine Journal, explains a source of high value links that will get your law firm’s site boosted up the search engine results pages.

7 Things You May Not Know About Google’s Disavow Tool

Once you have identified the backlinks that are damaging your rankings how do you get rid of them? This article from Search Engine Watch explains how to remove the damage done by links on other sites to your firm’s site.

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