Google’s big announcements this week lead the SEO world to consider layout issues of websites and their impact on SEO.

The issues raised by Google in its two posts of the week again relate to the impact of redesigning layout for smartphone users. Practice managers and non-technically-minded sole practitioner lawyers will find it difficult to understand these concepts.

However, get your techies to read up on these issues and then workshop through them with you. Despite a lack of interest in the technical issues, you will need to get an outline of these issues in order to have any understanding or input into the ultimate presentation of your corporate image on the Web.

This week’s roundup features news stories from Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, Search Engine Watch, the Moz Blog and Search Engine Roundtable.

The Best Way to Suck at Marketing

In this “Whiteboard Friday” presentation, Rand Fishkin, owner of Moz, gives a caution to all digital marketers to keep your eye on the ball. This article isn’t exactly pertinent to the hot topic of the week. However, for those of you who are not even slightly interested in the technical aspects of your firm’s website, watching this video will remind you that it is important to keep your Web team on its toes.

Yelp Gets a Facelift, Puts Visual Content Front and Center

This Search Engine Watch article is an easy read for those not technically minded. It explains the effort and expense the Yelp directory is going to by rejigging its design. When the big boys splash out cash, you can bet it will be worth the money. This is an indicator that layout issues and the reaction of search engines to them are important considerations for your law firm’s site.

Video: Twitter Testing A New Design, Similar To Google+

This Search Engine Roundtable is practice-manager friendly and re-enforces the impression of an emerging trend when taken together with the news of Yelp’s redesign.

Google’s Page Layout Algorithm Updated For Third Time

Hello! Yelp is redesigning, Twitter is redesigning and then along comes an announcement that Google is updating its page layout algorithm. Looks like the big boys were ahead of the game on this one. Get your firm’s technical experts to read through this article from Search Engine Roundtable and the two linked articles to check whether your law practice needs a website makeover, too.

Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations

This is one of the two key reads for this week. You probably won’t understand a word of it unless you design, write and maintain your law firm’s website. This issue is particularly pertinent if you are currently putting up mobile-friendly content on your site.

Faceted navigation best (and 5 of the worst) practices

If you found the scrolling issue incomprehensible, you won’t stand a chance with this article from Google’s Webmaster Central Blog on navigation. However, these two articles, taken together are must-reads for anyone designing or redesigning their firm’s website. Yelp and Twitter aren’t spending all that money on a whim. So, get your Web team to read through this article.

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