The final week of January saw SEO newshounds dealing with the issues raised by Matt Cutts in his controversial announcement about guest blogging. What then is acceptable content? If guest blogging is now likely to get a site penalized, how do sites get expert insights from non-staff gurus onto their Web pages? A number of SEO news sites tackled this dilemma over the past week. If your law firm’s strategy includes getting links from posting legal opinion on other websites, you need to examine this issue closely.

This week’s roundup features news stories from Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journaland the Matt Cutts Blog.

>Guest bloggers beware

The Matt Cutts blog post on guest blogging bears revisiting. Google’s chief algorithm engineer posted an update to clarify his views during the past week. As you review your firm’s link building strategy, bear his amendment in mind. Mr. Cutts seems to be back peddling a little in his addition, so focus on the quality of any postings your lawyers may have made on other sites.

Matt Cutts explains why you should not use article directories to build links

Search Engine Journal covered a video issued by Matt Cutts addressing a topic that is closely related to guest blogging – article directories. The article features the video, which shows that Google really seems to be focusing on adjustments to their ranking methodology with respect to content. If you post legal articles for widespread download and integration in other sites, you better pull them.

After Guest Blogging…What’s Left for “Safe” Link Building?

The people at Search Engine Journal put their thinking caps on for alternative content strategies. This article covers the concept of “link earning” as a replacement for “link building.” This is a difficult concept to grasp, but put it to the board of partners when suggesting changes to the firm’s linking strategy.

Three Ways to Build Quality Backlinks Without Guest Posting

One more SEJ article. This one suggests ways your law firm can increase the quality of its content to attract more links and improve rankings.

4 Content Marketing Strategies That Still Build Links

This article from Search Engine Land covers sggestions for quality content to improve rankings. This focuses on ideas such as creating “deeper” content. For example, create ebooks, post them on your own site, and then encouraging other sites to link into them. Putting this into a law firm’s context, you might write PDF guides for your target clients explaining some of the issues in a particular legal situation, such as divorce, or selling a business.

Building a CRAP SEO Content Strategy

Search Engine Watch’s guest blogger (oops), Grant Simmons has come up with a scatological acronym for his recommended strategy on content. This is a long article and quite in depth, so if you an independent lawyer, you would be better off reading this one out of the office, rather than trying to pick it up between meetings.

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