If you have posted lots of articles, advice and information on your law firm’s website, you are engaging in content marketing, and that’s a good thing. However, how do you let people know all of that great stuff is there? Surely you don’t just sit there and wait for people to chance upon all that important information. You don’t. There are many ways to promote your site’s content and this roundup will cover SEO news stories from the past week that cover this topic.

The SEO news community has been a little unfocused over the past week and only two sites have been able to come up with anything useful: Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal and the Moz Blog. Fortunately, these two sites have posted tons of interesting articles over the week.

Is Your Content Credible Enough to Share?

This Moz Blog article makes the point that there is no point going to the effort of promoting your site’s content if that content is a load of rubbish. Above all, the article focuses on a checklist for establishing credibility in your content. As lawyers, this advice might seem obvious. However, there are a few tips in there that highlight credibility-establishing factors that you may have overlooked.

If You Can’t Diversify Your Content, Diversify the Length

In a similar vein to the Moz Blog article above, this Search Engine Journal article suggests some ways to prepare your content to make it more palatable to different audiences. Shorter pieces would be helpful for the man in the street, longer, more detailed pieces would be of more interest to your legal counterparts.

Why and How to Maximize Your Content Shareability

Now you have your content brushed up and suitable to share, this article gets down to the brass tacks of how to go about it. You will find a good table in the article detailing which platforms are better for talking to customers and which are suitable for communicating with your law firm’s business contacts. 

How to Identify a Bad Guest Blogging Site with Eight Questions

You would have read about Google’s sudden turn against guest blogging here at the James Attorney Marketing Blog at the beginning of the year. Therefore, you should proceed with caution if you or any of your partners are invited to post items to blogs on other sites. This article gives tips on how to pick between the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Google to Remove Author Images from Search Results

This Search Engine Watch item covers a topic that all of the SEO news sites picked up, and its subject left all of them speechless. Since last year, Google has been showing a small picture of the author of an article next to its entry in search results pages. The search engine aimed to encourage accountability and promote author authority by identifying the writer. This strategy is a double bonus for lawyers who write for their sites. Not only does it accumulate authority, which flows easily towards lawyers, but also establishes familiarity, making it easier for first-time callers to make an appointment and talk to a well-known lawyer. Now Google is stopping this practice.

Although Google claims their research shows no change in click-throughs when the image is removed, researchers beg to differ.

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