If you want to get out of your office and leave the law behind for a few days, you could profitably spend your away time getting up to speed on your digital marketing strategy. Conferences, expos and seminars are a great way to take time out from your day to day workload and really go in-depth on SEO strategies.

The first benefit of attending these conferences is that you are not physically available, so you won’t be constantly dragged back to your caseload, interrupting your stream of thought on your Web strategy. A secondary benefit is that conferences are organized at many different locations around the country and even abroad. You get a nice little tax-deductable trip to Hawaii out of the research, as well as contacts and insights.

These events range in themes and styles from sales expos to intense training courses. Have a look at the different formats of meetings and see whether one might be worth the trip. In this week’s round up, you will be directed to Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

Search Engine Strategies Coming to Atlanta in July, Registration Now Open

A number of the SEO news sites are closely linked with conference and training seminar organizations. In fact, in many cases they seem to be corporate stablemates. In this article, Search Engine Watch plugs a forthcoming one-day conference in Atlanta, which is run under the banner of Search Engine Strategies. SES run a rolling program of conferences across the country throughout the year. However, they have been on a hiatus recently and they are relaunching their format with this July conference. SES brings in keynote speakers, who act more like guest lecturers on a one day course. Another brand of conferences that Search Engine Watch promotes heavily is called ClickZ and you can see a list of upcoming events in the rightmost column of the Search Engine Watch Home page.

Search Engine Land and SMX

The main rival to Search Engine Watch and their SES/ClickZ friends is Search Engine Land with its affiliation to the SMX brand of expos. Search Marketing Expo runs exhibitions and conferences all over the world at regular periods throughout the year and you can see a list of their forthcoming events in the right-most column of the Search Engine Land Home page.

25 Great Marketing Conferences Happening in 2014

Search Engine Journal doesn’t seem to have its own brand of conferences to plug. However, you can see the importance of these events to the industry by that fact that SEJ has three stories on its front page based around conferences. The first of these is a bumper roundup of events in the pipeline. Not all of these are directly related to digital marketing and you will struggle to find a conference specifically aimed at websites for lawyers. However, if you read through the list, you might find something that could benefit your law firm’s digital marketing strategy.

Look out HubSpot: @Marketo Adds SEO Tools to Their Marketing Suite

SEJ uses SEO conferences to pin down key players and interview them on video. This interview, conducted by Murray Newlands at Marketo’s Marketing National Summit is a typical example. Even if you are not interested in what the interviewee, Mike Berger, has to say, it is worth taking a look at the video in this article to get an idea of the atmosphere at these events.

#SMSSummit 2014 Chicago Recap: Humanizing Your Brand on Social Media With @Ramon_DeLeon

This article from SEJ illustrates the third method the site uses to draw content from conferences. This is a summary of a talk at the SMS Summit 2014. This is an example of how you can learn from conferences without even attending them. So if you can’t take time away from your caseload, you can pick through the articles that sites like Search Engine Journal produce by sending their writers as attendees.

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