Google has three main sites for informing the public about its developments. These are all blogs: the Matt Cutts Blog, Inside Search and the Webmaster Central Blog. Although each site is meant to address a slightly different audience, as their purpose is to explain amendments to a search engine, all three can be pretty technical. If you are an independent lawyer trying to run your own website and have little technical knowledge, you would probably find the Matt Cutts Blog more digestible. The Webmaster Central Blog is better suited to the technicians who actually run and manage the site and provide technical services.

The Webmaster Central Blog covers issues such as changes in the ranking algorithm and the search engine’s web crawler. It also, however, covers details of analytical tools. Google’s Webmaster Tools can help you analyze the traffic that comes to your site. With a little training in usage, anyone trying to improve the performance of a website will find these tools useful. If you have started to use the Webmaster Tools to examine your law firm’s Google ranking, you will need to check back with the Webmaster Central Blog periodically.

The site has a fairly low frequency of posting. You should expect roughly five posts per month. There is no set schedule for posts. They arise in line with developments of which the company believes the public needs to be informed.

The format of the blog covers two columns. The left-hand column covers two thirds of the width of the page and the right-hand column occupies the remaining third. There is no menu and little navigation structure. The right hand column contains links and a few tools, including a search facility. The links include keywords, which enable you to filter the displayed articles to a specific topic. The main body of the page contains the news articles. Each article is headed by a title, followed by the date and time of the post and a level of complexity of the article

(Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/All). There is no set length for the articles on the blog. However, the entire article is shown on the main page. If you click on the title of the article to go to its dedicated page, you won’t see any more than you can read on the main page of the site. However, you will get to see the comments added by readers and get a chance to ask questions by posting your own comments.

The Webmaster Central Blog posts are much shorter than posts you will see on other blogs and SEO news sites. Although each post covers a complete topic, that topic might just be one aspect of a tool. If you are not familiar with the subject of an article that interests you, you will need to look elsewhere for further details on that tool.

All posts on this blog are written by Google employees and the name of the writer, with a link to his or her Google + profile appears at the end of each piece.

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