With over 70 million users in a little over 3 years, Pinterest is a social media network that’s growing at a rapid pace. If your firm serves the general public, Pinterest is an effective tool to add to your social media marketing. Plus, Pinterest can be used to direct pinners to your website and other social pages—which can boost your SEO efforts tremendously.

Like any other social network, there are certain ways to get your pins to the top of the heap. Here are the top 5 ways to market your law firm on Pinterest.

1. Use Search Engine Friendly Images

Be sure to name your images before you upload them; e.g. instead of a file defaulting to a name such as 08586.jpg, use a keyword. For example: sandiego-personal-injury-lawyer.jpg would be the ideal name for the image “San Diego personal injury lawyer.”

Images that use keywords for their file names (using dashes, very important) are more SEO friendly, and are more likely to be found in Pinterest, and Google Image, search results.

2. Use Text In Images

You can use images on Pinterest to list your practice areas and specializations on individual pages. This is where it’s great to have a text-based image describe the page’s content for SEO purposes, and to attract viewers.

If your content is about San Diego slip and fall liability, include a text-based image that says “San Diego Slip and Fall Liability” at the top of the page.

3. Use a Keyword Phrase For Your Board Title

Use a keyword phrase as your board title, because this name will be the main permalink associated with your account; e.g. San Diego Injury Lawyer. This is one of the top factors Pinterest uses for ranking

4. Engage With Local Pinners

You can also do searches for local pinners. As a San Diego personal injury attorney, do a search for San Diego, and get results for boards and San Diego pinners, as well as businesses. This is a great way to connect with local residents.

5. Pin & Re-Pin

Similar to other social networks, by commenting, liking and re-pinning images on Pinterest, other pinners are likely to reciprocate, and your follower base will grow.

Commenting and liking images and boards are good ways to build an audience, but commenting is also a great place to insert a keyword into the content. The more keyword-friendly your comments are, the more visibility they’ll receive.

For more information on how to market your law firm on Pinterest, we’ve got answers! Get a hold of one of our marketing specialists, and let us help you with all of your legal marketing goals.

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