As more social marketing is incorporating visual content with written content, Instagram is becoming an increasingly valuable marketing tool. Instagram is shaping the way people interact with each other, brands and companies—including law firms—and is positioning itself as the photo-sharing site of choice due to its personal, intimate nature.

Instagram Vs. Pinterest. What’s the Difference?

Both Instagram and Pinterest have grown into thriving social communities, but there are distinctions between them that can make a difference in how you market your firm.

With Instagram, you tell a story with both photos and videos. Its platform is pretty straightforward —take a picture of something, or a video, and share it. With Pinterest, you tell people what you like. You curate your boards and highlight what you like, or are trying to promote.

Instagram’s roots are more closely tied to a personal photo album, whereas Pinterest is more closely tied to a bulletin board of pictures, pins, and likes.

That being said, here are the top 5 ways to market your law firm on Instagram.

1. Balance Fun Photos With Business Photos

Share personal staff photos, highlight images from a specific event or cause that’s important to you, and provide photos for the sake of audience enjoyment that aren’t firm-related. Post in-depth, engaging images that market your brand, and set you apart from others in the legal industry. The sky’s the limit with this.

2. Create a Following

As with other social networks, Instagram success requires users to be social. Follow your favorite accounts, and comment on photos that you enjoy or inspire you. Spreading positive comments is a great way to build community around your profile.

Also, be sure to use your other social networks to build your follower base. Cross-post images to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages with hashtags to help people find you on Instagram.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can attract users searching for a particular type of photo or subject, and can help you capitalize on what’s trending. For instance, if you post a picture of the Empire State Building, include #empireNYC or #empirebuilding in the description.

TIP: Track your Instagram hashtag activity with Nitrogram. This analytics tool provides key metrics on hashtags including contributors, engagement, and context.

4. Embed Instagram Video in Your Blog or Website

Instagram video has advantages over other video feeds due to its 15-second, editable video functionality (compared to Twitter’s Vine’s 6.5 second stream). To extend the reach of your content, make sure to embed your Instagram video in your blog or website.

5. Use Instagram To Promote a Change in Perspective

To distinguish your law firm on Instagram, create a different perspective than other firms. For instance, check out Attorney Jamie Casino’s unique personal injury video. Although the production budget and quality is fantastic, it was Casino’s originality that helped this video turn into an Internet viral storm.

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