A media kit is a great marketing tool for your law firm. By aggregating the descriptions of your services, press releases, biographies, awards, and other professional credentials, your media kit will act almost as a company résumé.

Why You Need One

Media kits will centralize important points about your law firm and allow you to impart a positive and lasting impression on potential clients. They are excellent for networking and can be attached to follow-up emails after conferences and meetings, providing a more comprehensive snapshot of your firm than a business card would. Finally, they are an efficient way of providing journalists with all of the information that they need if the press contacts your law firm.

What It Should Include

Provide a description about your law firm that reads almost as a cover letter. Outline the features that distinguish your practice from other firms and offer a brief overview of your services. It may be helpful to highlight a particular service that your firm specializes in or is popular for, such as applications for temporary resident permits. List any awards or nominations that you have received, conferences you have participated in, media mentions, and publications that your firm has been featured in or has contributed to. If your law firm has established a strong online presence, consider using an analytics application such as SproutSocial to convey your website traffic information and statistics about your performance on social media.

How You Should Market It

Make sure your document is ready for print and for the web. Preserve its formatting by saving it as a PDF file and either make it available upon request or host it on the ‘About Us’ page of your website as a downloadable file. To make linking to your press package easier, consider hosting it on an online document reader such as Issuu. As a document, your media kit can be attached to emails and all of your information can be distributed when you are reaching out to other related professional organisations or those interested in featuring your firm in their blogs or in the media.

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