While greeting cards and small tokens are usually in store for your firm’s staff during the holidays, you can often make a far greater impression by giving your coworkers gifts from the heart. This is not to sound dramatic or mushy, but sometimes simply showing appreciation for your staff members can greatly boost in-house morale—which can increase productivity, strengthen employee loyalty, and improve comradery between coworkers.

Here are 3 easy ways to give the gift of appreciation to every member of your firm this season. And remember, these gifts of sentiment should accompany an actual gift, not replace it.

1. Give Personal Compliments

A successful law firm is staffed by hardworking, dedicated folks, otherwise it wouldn’t be successful. During this holiday season, make sure to give sincere compliments to your team acknowledging their impressive skills, commendable work ethic, and honorable devotion to the firm. Let your staff know that each member is needed and appreciated, and that the firm wouldn’t run as smoothly without them.

TIP: Make sure that each compliment is made in person by you, and that you and the coworker are alone. Not only do some people get embarrassed when complimented in the presence of others, but a solitary approach will show that you took the time to locate them personally, and you’re not just making a convenient group effort.

2. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Acknowledging an employee’s time and effort that contributed to a favorable case outcome or a lauded verdict will always boost morale, and will encourage an employee to continue to work hard and make the firm proud. Make sure to use specific, detailed examples of their work, as this will demonstrate your attentiveness and recognition of their efforts.

TIP: Promoting a team member’s successes is something that can be celebrated on a group level; e.g. included in a speech at a holiday office party, etc. A group announcement of credit due is a good thing to do, as staff members work on many different cases, and may not be aware of each member’s contribution to the firm.

3. Give An Hour Here and There

Holiday months for a law firm doesn’t equate to slow business months—in fact, quite the contrary as many clients are trying to begin or wrap up legal matters before the New Year. Despite the workload, give the gift of a half-day off, or a long weekend to staff members when you can—paid in full. This can often be the best gift in the world to a coworker who just needs a little time for themselves.

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