What if I told you that your law firm could maintain and promote successful social media profiles by spending just ten minutes every day doing a few simple activities? That’s right, social media marketing for law firms doesn’t have to be a daunting project.

If your social media efforts have fallen by the wayside lately, make the following tasks everyday priorities and transform your online footprint in just ten minutes every day.

1. Post an original photo, article, graphic, or blog post with a call to action.

Producing original content and sharing it to social media is one of the best ways to renovate your law firm’s social media marketing strategy. Consider authoring a brief 200-word blog post on a current event or educational topic. For example, a firm specializing in family law and divorce could leverage a blog post about the most common and costly mistakes made by divorcees this year.

No time to create even a short blog post? Here are a few other social media marketing ideas for your law firm:

  • Post a photo of your attorney team or snapshots of your law firm enjoying a fun office event like a community service project. Photos generally attract more attention and spur a higher level of engagement.
  • Whip up a quick pie chart or statistical graphic to represent relevant figures, such as an employment law firm’s case success rate compared to the industry average.
  • If your firm absolutely does not have the time to produce its own content, you can use outside content. Just avoid pushing competitors’ material, always cite your sources to ensure they receive credit for the work, and include a call to action promoting your law firm’s services.

Time spent posting: 4 minutes.

2. Respond to user comments.

If social media users spend time commenting on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages, take the time to respond back. You may be surprised by how swiftly positive interaction—anything from thanking posters for sharing their thoughts to addressing their complaints—can increase the level of engagement on your page.

Time spent responding: 3 minutes.

3. Connect!

The social media marketing strategy for your law firm should encompass forming broad networks of followers. It only takes a few minutes to make a handful of new connections daily. For example, your company LinkedIn page displays the various people and companies connected to your organization and the closeness of those connections. Consider reaching out to those second-degree connections and turning them into first-degree relationships. Then, watch your network grow!

Time spent connecting: 2 minutes.

4. Interact with other content and companies.

While you’re forging new connections, keep an eye out for relevant content that may be influencing your potential clients including articles posted by news outlets or law journals. Then, comment on or “like” their posts. This positions your firm as a source of relevant industry information instead of one that constantly “sells” your firm, ensures that you remain on prospects’ radars, and builds helpful social media relationships with other businesses.

Time spent interacting: 1 minute.

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