If you are considering redesigning your law firm’s website, you would do well to read through the articles linked to in this week’s SEO roundup. This is the drawing board edition of the James Attorney Marketing Web trends monitor.

The SEO news community has been a little unfocused over the past week and only two sites have been able to come up with anything useful: Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal. Fortunately, these two sites have posted tons of interesting articles over the week.

Search Engine Basic Concepts

As you are running a law firm, you can’t be expected to know everything about website design and search engine marketing. However, you need to be able to understand what the people you contract your website building work out to are talking about. This Search Engine Watch article gives you an excellent run down on what issue are important in digital marketing today in respect to website design.

Everything You Need to Know about Panda 4.0

When you are in that meeting with the techies, you will be able to keep your head above the water if you read this low down on the recent Panda update from Search Engine Journal. Although you specialize in the law, you can make it clear you are up to speed in the world of SEO, by dropping quotes from this article.

Addressing Thin Content

You read in the previous article that Panda was all about knocking thin content. A law firm’s website has a lot of scope for providing authoritative professional advice and so there should be no excuse for your Web pages to earn Google’s disapproval of thin content. However, read this article with your own site in mind to make sure you avoid the thin content pitfall.

The Landing Page Optimization Guide You Wish You’ve Always Had

Not every page on your site needs to be packed with vital legal insights. For example, your “Contacts” page and “About Us” pages are likely to be lot “thinner” than the pages where you describe your practice specializations. The key content needs to be on your landing pages and this article explains this concept.

SEO 101: How to Get High Quality Backlinks Through Content Organization

The recent Panda update pole axed sites that focused all their inbound links on the home page. This is a shame, because it was a very nice and cheap little trick to up your rankings. However, your new website will have to adjust those links to point to relevant pages on your law firm’s website, and those landing pages should be content fat.

When Do You Add UX to Your Design?

User experience is a very important topic when defining your law firm’s website, but, unfortunately, the subject is a little vague. Obviously, you want people to find their way around the site so they can get to the relevant information, be suitably impressed and hire you. But is that all “UX” means? This article should get you UX-minded.

6 Reasons for Your Lack of Content Marketing Success

This article has a slightly annoying “you shouldn’t have done that” feel about it, but just as the “you missed a bit” advice can be annoying, it can also, sometimes, be right. The article provides you with a good checklist for putting things right on your law firm’s website.

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