Search Newz has a much lower volume of news story posts that the other SEO news and blog sites. Whereas Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable post four or five stories per day, Search Newz posts only three or four articles per month. This in itself does not make the site irrelevant – Google’s three main blogs have an even lower frequency of posts.

The Search Newz site format focuses on one large central panel containing a list of news items. Whereas other SEO websites follow the item headline with the first paragraph of the report, items in the news list on this site have a link followed by a brief description of the article. The posting date of the item appears in square brackets before the description. The article description does not include any pictures, therefore, each item entry takes up little room.

This allows the site to list six month’s worth of stories on the Home page. An “Older Posts” button at the bottom of the list enables the visitor to cycle back through the archive of the site’s articles. As with all SEO news sites, the articles appear in reverse date order.

The site is owned by iEntry, Inc and the company spoils the presentation of the site by using it to push its Jayde Search Engine. This promotion does not manifest itself in the text of its new items. However, the site has four identical adverts for Jayde, which dominate the view. The site has a column of advertising on either site of the list of news stories and the banner of the site is dominated by an advertisement for Jayde, which dwarfs the site’s title. The right-hand advertising column includes a field to subscribe to the Search Newz newsletter. This option would be a good idea for people who might not remember to visit the site. Instead, any new article will be emailed to you. Make sure you enter you business email here, and not your personal address.

One feature that Search Newz offers is a directory. This is accessed through a panel in the right-hand column of the main screen. This categorises other websites into services like tools, pay-per-click and services and search engines. This feature would be useful if you are looking for SEO consultants to invite to pitch for your law firm’s custom, or if you are a technical manager and want to track down useful analytical tools to assess you firm’s performance on search engine rankings.

Apart from the directory, which could be useful to law firm employees at different levels of technical expertise, Search Newz is probably more suited to those who design or maintain websites for law firms. You won’t find much legal or corporate news on the site, so it won’t be of interest to those lawyers who are not directly involved in developing the firm’s website. Although there is nothing specific on the site about marketing a law firm on the Web, those partners that have made it their responsibility to keep abreast of SEO developments and push their firms’ strategies forward will find Search Newz useful.

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