Probably the most prolific SEO news site on the Web is Search Engine Watch. The site has up to seven news stories per day on is headline Home page and also has specialist pages that filter the article bank by category. These specialist pages, like the Home page carry articles ordered by date, with the newest stories first.

As the name of the site suggests, the main focus of Search Engine Watch is search engine optimization. However, other Web marketing topics make it into the site’s field of vision and you can filter out these other subjects by selecting the SEO link on the menu bar at the top of the Home screen. Alternatively, you can bypass the Home page and go directly to the SEO section by entering into your browser’s address bar.

The site began in 1996 as “A Webmaster’s Guide To Search Engines.” This was an online post of a study performed by a Web development company into how their clients could improve their rankings in search engines. This means the founders of SEW were engaged in SEO before the term was even coined. The site owners then added a newsletter for subscribers enabling them to keep abreast of any developments in search engine algorithms and detailing the rise of SEO tactics. The newsletter was launched as an online news service focusing on search engine optimization in 1997.

If you are an independent lawyer, or belong to a small legal practice, the chances are that you will have contracted out the creation and maintenance of your firm’s website. If you are a practice manager with a technical team at your disposal you may not be so involved in the technical aspects of your site. Under these scenarios you will probably find much of the Search Engine Watch site too technical for your requirements. However, if you are tasked with the effort of SEO for a larger practice you will find it worthwhile exploring all of the SEW site to pick out insider tips.

The layout of the site is very crowded and takes some time to adjust to. The publisher cross promotes services and events run by associated companies. However, it does not inject these promotions into its editorial content. The site’s news articles are compelling and unbiased and are not advertising copy.

The SEO page of the site has a three column format. The first two columns are occupied by the latest SEO news articles and the third column provides links to other categories of services. A “White Papers” section appears some way down the third column. This is a window for a sister site of SEW, called ClickZIntel. Those who want to go more in depth on the topic of SEO would benefit from browsing through the guides contained in this section. Clicking on the “White Papers” heading opens the ClickZIntel site in a new tab of your browser.

Although much of the site’s content can be very technical and is not specific to SEO for legal practices, any practice manager with a passing interest in improving his firm’s ranking would benefit from a browser through the headlines of the site every day. A sampling of the headlines gives an idea on what topics are trending in the industry at any moment. SEO specialists working for a law firm would probably need at least an hour each day to read through all the available information. The Search Engine Watch Home page is located at

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