Third Door Media owns a website called Marketing Land, which deals with a range of marketing issues, including digital outlets such as social media. However, the company hived off the specializations of search engine optimization and search engine marketing onto a stand-alone site, called Search Engine Land. This site can be found at

The Search Engine Land website has a similar look and feel to that of its main rival, Search Engine Watch. However, there are important differences in the content of the two sites that mean you are likely to prefer one over the other. Technical staff in a large legal practice, or any managers tasked with a specialization in SEO are more likely to find the information available on Search Engine Watch more useful. Practice Managers, or independent lawyers who have to deal with Web marketing only as a small part of their daily tasks will be more drawn to Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land has fewer daily news uploads than SEW. The focus of the news articles on Search Engine Land tends to be more corporate than technical. Stories on this site are more likely to cover litigation in which Google is involved rather than an analysis of how the search engine’s algorithm works. Lawyers interested in the corporate world would find the focus of this site more appealing as a general read. The site even has a special page for industry legal issues. This is accessible under the Search menu option by clicking on “Legal Issues” in the drop-down menu. You can also get directly to this feature by entering in your browser’s menu bar.

The site overwhelmingly reports the activities of Google, with very few news items on Bing or Yahoo and none on other search engines, like Ask. The Search menu includes a section on Google and another on Bing. There is a third entry on the Search menu offering a “catch all” page for other search engines, called “More Search Engines.” However, Google and Bing topics tend to crop up on this page as well.

If you have only a passing interest in SEO, or really don’t know anything about the subject, you would benefit from the pages accessible from the SEO menu that drops down from the menu bar of Search Engine Land’s site. A How To button, further along the menu bar, gives access to guides on SEO, which are better suited to those with an intermediate level of knowledge on the SEO topic.

Search Engine Land has a section of articles, which it terms “columns.” The SEO article base, accessed from the Columns option on the menu bar, is less topical than the News page without going too deeply into technical tasks of creating websites. This section is also suited to those with an intermediate knowledge of SEO.

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