Rand Fishkin foundered SEOMoz in 2004. The company changed its name to Moz in 2013 and Fishkin stepped down as CEO of the company in January 2014. Moz is an SEO consultancy that also produces its own tools. Some of those tools, like Open Site Explorer are free to download. Others are bundled together as Moz Analytics, for which the company charges a fee. Although he no longer runs the company,   Rand is still part-owner and works on product development and promoter under the job title of “Wizard of Moz.”

Rand regularly contributes articles to the Moz Blog, which is the company’s main communication channel. He also produces a video series called “Whiteboard Friday.” Each Friday, he gives an explanation of a particular aspect of digital marketing and SEO. Vistors to the Moz Blog will see a “Rand’s Blog” button on the page’s menu bar. This accesses Rand Fishkin’s blog. You can access this page directly by typing into your browser’s address bar.

Since stepping down as CEO, Rand seems to make more contributions to the Moz Blog than to his own Blog. In Moz Blog, Fishkin posts explanations and seminars of some current hot topic in the world of SEO. His own blog is reserved more for issues that arise in his own career. Therefore, you are more likely to read about the problems of bringing a product to market and the complexity of growing a start-up company into an established player. For this reason, Rand’s blog will be of more interest to corporate lawyers, practice managers and ambitious legal eagles who hope to become COOs and CEOs. Rand replaced himself as CEO with Sarah Bird. Before joining the company as COO in 2007, Bird was a lawyer in a general legal practice.

The Rand Fishkin Blog has the same layout as the Moz Blog, in that two thirds of the width of the page is taken up by the stream of posts. The remaining third has as photo and brief bio of Rand, a newsletter signup box and headlines and article categories.

Each article in the posting stream contains a title, which is preceded by a button with the date of posting in it. This is followed by the category of the article and then the first two of three paragraphs. To get to the full article, click either on the title or the “Continue reading” link at the bottom of the intro. Rand’s articles for his own blog tend to be shorter than his contributions to the Moz Blog, and are therefore easier for the non-technical reader to digest. Each article is followed by comments from members of the Moz community. If you are not a member of the community you can still post comments if you have a Discus ID.

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