In my last post, we talked about some of the different ways you could use video to market your law firm… now let’s talk about what to do with those videos once you’ve created them.

After all, there’s more to video marketing than just uploading to YouTube.

One of the fastest growing networks in the social media market, YouTube offers access to over 1 billion users according to their latest statistics, but that alone doesn’t guarantee your video will be seen. Those same statistics also reveal that over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, meaning that you’ve still got some work to do if you want to get the most from your video efforts.

Fortunately, marketing your law firm on YouTube isn’t as hard as you might think… here’s some simple ways to promote your videos, and your law firm.

Complete the Video Profile

YouTube offers a number of tools to help viewers find your videos… and you see them every time you upload something new. In addition to crafting a catchy title, you can also include a more detailed description and keywords that not only make your video easier for your users to find, it enables the search engines to find it as well.

And don’t forget to make your videos searchable… YouTube gives you the option of setting your videos as Private, Public or available only to those with the URL. Choose Public if you want your videos to be seen by everyone.

Take Advantage of Your Channel Settings

Every YouTube user has a “channel”… that is, a dedicated page where other users can see who you are and what you’ve uploaded. YouTube recently updated this channel with some exciting new features that make it even easier to promote your law firm to the rest of the world.

A trailer video for example, can be shown to new users visiting your channel for the first time. This video could be an introduction to your law firm or an animation that highlights a common problem or concern in your area of practice.
Custom artwork, such as a logo and brand-oriented header can be added to the top of the page and you can also change that default URL from a random string of letters and numbers to something more meaningful, such as the name of your law firm or a keyword-rich identifier.

Your channel is now also cross-browser compatible, meaning that it displays the same on mobile devices as it does on desktops, so all your branding efforts aren’t for naught.

Share It on Social Media

YouTube accounts can be “connected” to Google+ pages, giving you an easy way to promote your videos to Google+ followers. But don’t stop there…

Use all your social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – to draw attention to new videos as they’re uploaded and ask your followers to share it with their readers… statistics show that the quickest way to get something retweeted or reposted is to just ask.

Post It On Your Blog

YouTube gives you an easy way to post your videos to your blog. Once the video is uploaded, click the “Share” tab below the video, and then “Embed.” Copy and paste the coding shown in the window and viola! Your readers can now watch your video without having to leave your website.


Your entire marketing strategy is designed to do one thing: attract new prospects and turn them into leads. To do that, you need those prospects to subscribe to your firm, whether it’s by joining your mailing list, following you on Twitter or subscribing to your YouTube channel.

YouTube’s annotation feature gives you an easy and effective way to make this happen.

Log into your YouTube account, select the video you want to annotate, click the drop down arrow next to the “Edit” button and choose “Annotations.”

You can add speech bubbles, text boxes and title overlays or you can simply “spotlight” an area of the video so that the popup box appears when the user hovers over the area with their mouse. This allows you to create subscribe buttons right in the video for example, re-route your viewers to other videos within a collection or redirect your viewers to your channel’s page so that they can see other videos created by your firm.

And remember, word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways to market your firm. Give your viewers value by making your videos interesting and educational, and those viewers will do much of the marketing for you.

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