There are a lot of things we don’t know about McDonald’s McRib: why the pork rib sandwich has no actual ribs, whether the meat used is real pork (there have been several claims of Kangaroo meat—Crikey!), and why it only makes its appearance a few weeks out of the year.

Unlike other fast food chains, McDonald’s has cornered the market when it comes to limited-availability products; e.g. the McRib during winter months, the Shamrock Shake for March, etc. But how does the McRib’s availability have anything to do with marketing your law firm? Hang on—we’re going somewhere with this.

McDonald’s may not know a lot about nutrition, but they know a lot about marketing. The McRib has achieved cult status because it’s only available for a limited time, and this creates a sense of urgency for consumers to take action.
Let’s take a look at how marketing the McRib, and marketing your legal services, can come from the same chopping block.

Legal Matters Have Time Frames

Average folks aren’t usually aware of legal time frames, aka statutes of limitations, in their case. It’s up to you to inform potential clients that active laws restrict the time frame that legal proceedings may be initiated, and once that time runs out, the claim is no longer valid. It’s important that you convey a sense of urgency with legal matters, and what’s at stake if a client fails to act quickly, or fails to act at all.

Post content about legal time frames on your website, blog, and social media pages via written text, infographs, even videos. Not only will this attract clients to you, you’ll also appear as the savvy law firm that’s in-the-know in the judicial world.

Scarcity Sells

There’s no shortage of legal services, they aren’t available for only a limited time, and law firms can’t enforce fee expiration dates. But, a claimant’s or defendant’s time to take legal action is in short supply—and attorneys who are too busy (figuratively or literally) can miss out on helping a client who’s time is running out.

Make sure you market yourself as a law firm that can immediately respond to a clients’ needs, and is available on a moment’s notice. Position yourself as the law firm that will be there when other law firms can’t.

Failing To Act Quickly Can Have Irreparable Consequences

Communicating the negative consequences of failing to act quickly with legal matters is often more important that communicating the benefits of filing a legal claim; especially in the areas of personal injury and civil suits.

Regardless of your practice area, an urgent call-to-action can apply to a number of legal events, such as:

  • Failing to act quickly on a DUI charge can jeopardize an offender’s driving rights.
  • Failing to act quickly in a child custody case can jeopardize a parent’s right to see his or her child.
  • Failing to quickly file a claim under bankruptcy protection can jeopardize a claimant’s home and other personal property that could have otherwise been saved.

Legal matters can hang in a balance, or have irreparable consequences, without the quick enlistment of a qualified attorney. Make sure you preach this loud and clear to potential clients, as well as existing ones, every chance you can.

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