If you are responsible for developing your law firm’s website you will soon become aware of the term “search engine optimization.” SEO means writing your firm’s website in such a way that search engines will notice it and place it high on the results page for searches. The most influential search engine in the world is Google and so following Google’s advice on what gets a page high on search engine results pages (SERPs) is central to the art of SEO.
Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s algorithm department and it is his decisions that produce the specific order of entries on Google’s SERPs. He is authorized by the company to give news, opinion and advice on his own blog. This blog is of central importance to anyone trying to improve their rankings on Google.
Periodically, Google updates its algorithm to filter out what the company (and thus, Matt Cutts) considers to be “Webspam.” SEO experts constantly try to gain an advantage in the rankings of their clients’ Web pages. A successful strategy usually gets propagated through to other clients, reported on and implemented by other experts. Thus, a sneaky trick that gets one site a clear advantage soon gets applied to everyone in the list and its effectiveness diminishes. Tricks and strategies that end up crowding out the most authoritative and relevant sites to a particular search term annoy Google and they change their algorithm to downgrade or filter out pages using a particular trick.
Once the dust settles on an algorithm update, SEO experts start again trying to find what works best under the new scenario. Anyone that can foretell what changes Google is going to make is ahead of the game. For this reason, the thoughts of Matt Cutts are followed closely. Even if you outsource your firm’s Web development and pay SEO advisors to keep the site ranking well, you would be well advised to check in on Mr Cutts’s blog from time to time to keep up with the current opinion of Google’s technicians.
The Matt Cutts website has a Home page and an About Me page, but the most important page is the Blog section of the site. You can access this either by going to the Home page of the site at and click on the “Blog” button on the menu at the top of the page, or by going directly to the Blog page at the address http://www.mattcutts/blog.
The latest post by Matt always appears at the top of the page and so the most recent advice from the Google engineer is always the most prominent item on the blog. However, older post also contain important advice and you can search through the blog for a topic that interests you by using the Search field on the right hand side of the Blog page.
Some older posts on the site that are still useful to read include:
“Why did our PageRank go down?”
What to expect in SEO in the coming months
The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO
Matt Cutts doesn’t post on his blog every day. This keeps the page a reliable source of highly relevant information for your law firm’s Web strategy.

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