LinkedIn’s Influencers—top professionals like Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington who share content about a variety of subjects such as success, entrepreneurship, and leadership—reach thousands of members and continually build their personal and professional brand with each new post.

You may not be a high-profile CEO of an international company, but you can become a just as powerful thought leader on LinkedIn, reach countless other members who could become business clients, and bolster your law firm’s brand name by following a few simple strategies. Read on to find out how.

Find Your Niche

Marketing for lawyers generally starts with determining your area of expertise and locating a niche to speak about. When attempting to find your niche, first consider your occupation and the topics that you assist clients with most often.

For instance, a family and divorce lawyer helps family units or separating spouses navigate tough changes. This is a niche in and of itself, but it also provides many topics to dig deeper into when brainstorming content appropriate for LinkedIn. Happiness, work-life balance, and building social networks are three topics that soon-to-be ex-spouses might be interested in, for example, and time management strategies may appeal to newly divorced parents sharing custody of their children and searching for ways to maintain strong relationships.

Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently rolled out long-form posting capabilities for all members. Similar to the Influencer feature but geared toward the average LinkedIn user, this provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.

According to LinkedIn, members will be notified on their homepage when they receive access to the publishing tool (you may already have access to publish). After receiving publishing capabilities, you’ll be able to create and publish a long-form post by clicking on the pencil icon in the “Share an update” box at the top of your homepage.

Even if you’ve never produced content before, try your hand at publishing; marketing for lawyers isn’t just for marketing professionals!  Practice makes perfect and the process will go much more smoothly after working out the kinks the first time.

Connect with Thought Leaders in Your Space

Establishing symbiotic connections is always beneficial, but it’s particularly important when first building your reputation on LinkedIn and nailing down your legal marketing strategies. Examine who the top thought leaders are in your space and explore what they do well, what types of content resonates with their audiences, and how they spread content to their network (do they utilize LinkedIn groups? Do they partner with other LinkedIn members to produce co-authored content that reaches both parties’ networks?).

Then, reach out to connect with them and explain that you find their content insightful and informative, and you hope to build a relationship that’s advantageous to both parties. They will most likely be open to connecting and discussing relevant topics such as current events, industry trends, and new legislation affecting your field, and may even be open to guest posting on your blog or sharing your LinkedIn posts with their followers.

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