Although your law firm might only focus on one specialty—perhaps criminal defense or bankruptcy—your current and prospective client pools probably consist of a variety of demographics, from 60-something Baby Boomers to Millennials in their 20s. Marketing your law firm to multiple generations can be a challenge, but the information below can help your organization overcome this advertising obstacle.

Baby Boomers

The “Baby Boomer” generation consists of people born roughly between 1946 and 1964, meaning that these audience members are approximately 50 to 68 years old in 2014. To appeal to Baby Boomers, consider these tips when marketing your law firm:

Choose the Right Medium and Format

Baby Boomers are more accustomed to print publications—newspapers, magazines, periodicals—than Generations X and Y. Therefore, don’t be afraid to write longer consultative pieces like white papers and newsletters that may spark interest in the topic, educate Baby Boomer readers, and demonstrate your law firm’s expertise on subjects like estate planning. And don’t forget to make the font large enough to read easily!

Make it Easy to Connect

Baby Boomers may feel more comfortable speaking with a real person than connecting online. Be sure to include a call to action that includes a phone number on all articles and posts.

Generation X

“Gen X’ers” range in age from approximately 34 to 50 years old. This generation spans the gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials and demonstrates some features from both groups. Implement the following strategies when marketing your law firm to Generation X.

Short and Sweet is the Key

People of the Generation X population are in the middle of their careers with families, hobbies, and homes to maintain—they’re busy! Short, concise blog articles are best. After posting them on your blog and/or website, spread them to professional forums like LinkedIn to reach the broad network of associates that many Gen X’ers have built over the years.

Take Advantage of Email

Busy professionals are often on email throughout the day, so consider creating a monthly e-newsletter that prospects and current clients can receive via email. They are more likely to read it if it consistently pops up in their inbox. Even if they don’t read it, your firm’s name will be front and center at least once a month.

Millennials (aka Generation Y)

Millennials, those aged 14 to 34 years old, are notorious for their tech savviness and need for sensory stimulation. When producing content and marketing your law firm to Millennials, keep these guidelines in mind:

The Snappier, the Better

Millennials want information immediately, so keep the headlines snappy and the information easy to digest. Think of forums like Twitter; would your topic, headline, and sub-header catch a reader’s attention in 140 characters?

Use Striking Images

Marketing your law firm to “Gen Y’ers” should focus on attention-grabbing images and photos. Millennials are typically very visual people! A unique image with a catchy headline posted to social media can get your foot in the door and attract prospects to your blog article or webpage.

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