LinkedIn’s new functional capabilities make it shine as one of the best social networking sites to market your law firm’s services. People join LinkedIn in order to build connections, seek business opportunities, and obtain expert advice. This site is well-positioned to expand your law firm’s client base in addition to enhancing your own professional profile.

Showcase Your Services

Your company profile acts as a shareable and searchable online résumé of your law firms’ services. Up to 25 of these can be showcased on LinkedIn. Write with keywords that you want people to find your firm with and use both the long and abbreviated forms of these terms—for example ‘TRP’ and ‘Temporary Resident Permit’—in the text fields for your company description and your services.

LinkedIn’s search tool ranks its results based on ‘relevance,’ so fill your descriptions with as many keywords and characters as possible in order for your company to be found easier. Take advantage of the website’s customizable features by linking your landing pages, videos, and website to your business profile and generate leads directly from LinkedIn. Finally, be sure to make use of LinkedIn’s update feature by linking to a useful article or piece of content from your website at least once a day on your company page.

Cross-Promote and Grow Your Network

Use your own personal profile to cross-promote your company page by sharing its updates and stories. When you add your law firm’s name to your ‘Current Work’ section, your title as well as your business page will appear whenever you comment on groups or engage in activity on LinkedIn. Both old and new connections as well as media contacts will be able to refer to your LinkedIn company page to glean insights from your services and updates.

Encourage your employees to tag your law firm’s business page in their profiles as well. This will appear in their ‘Recent Updates’ feed and your company profile will gain exposure to all of their connections.

Deliver Content to a Targeted Audience

Groups on LinkedIn are forums where people will be seeking the type of content that you publish about your law firm’s field of expertise. Maintaining an active presence on existing groups related to your industry will allow you to direct quality traffic from LinkedIn to your website.

Respond to questions, discuss relevant news, and share your content in order to showcase your expertise and make connections among people searching for answers. Making your own LinkedIn group and branding it with keywords that you want your audience to find you with, for example a group called “Canadian Immigration Professionals” is also useful for identifying your target audience, attracting referrals, curating discussions, and growing your authority in the industry.

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