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Lawyers are notoriously-late adopters. That makes it easy for you to watch what marketing is working for other types of businesses, and then bring the adaptable techniques to your practice.

Lesson 7: Test the marketing techniques of others

Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer Michael Mack is a wonderful example of how successful this approach can be. In his words:

“The first year I started my practice I struggled. I dissipated precious capital on advertising — most of which didn’t work. John Wanamaker said, “Half the money we spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is we don’t know which half.” I think John was being optimistic because it’s probably more than half that we lawyers waste on advertising. That’s why so many lawyers struggle.

“Things changed for the better when a friend of mine, an insurance salesman, gave me a book on direct response marketing. It was not a book for lawyers per se, but for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“The concepts contained in the book just clicked for me. I went from struggling with advertising and marketing, and not sure what to do and frustrated, to actually enjoying the marketing process. I changed my mindset. I suddenly understood that in addition to being a lawyer, I was also a business owner. Therefore, I needed to have a sales and marketing driven law business.”

Michael found success using a combination of direct mail, book writing, print ads, and giving away free information. He added his own twist to each method to boost his response rate.

Michael hasn’t been successful by making any groundbreaking discoveries in marketing. His practice thrives from his marketing efforts because he finds out what has worked for others, and then uses those techniques along with his own personal touch to continuously bring new clients through his door.

“I’ve succeeded a lot more than I’ve failed, but it’s not because I’m some genius. Far from it. I have simply duplicated what has worked for others – mostly in other industries – and used them in my own practice.

“I have “swipe files” of letters, and ads, and free reports, and web sites, and audio files, and other things which I collect. Almost all of these things come from other industries, but you can change them to suit your legal practice – assuming you’re in compliance with your state bar.”

Michael has client acquisition down to a science. Even though it takes serious time and effort in the beginning the benefits are well worth the hard work.

“Besides the financial benefits, there is peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your client faucet. Marketing is no longer guesswork. I can create a steady stream of clients predictably, consistently, and cost-effectively.”

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