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As legal websites increase in number and size, obtaining a good Google ranking for your content has become more difficult.

Unless you work in a non-competitive niche or region, your content will need to be optimized to maximize its Google page position.

Lesson 5: Optimize your content

Unless you have an in house-marketing team with SEO expertise, the technical and evolving nature of optimization work will require outsourcing to specialists. So we won’t try to explain the process but instead will provide an example of success:

Scott Grabel and Associates ( are a Michigan-based criminal defense team who practice in the areas of sex charges, DUI, driver’s license restoration, drug charges, theft and property crimes, assault and violent crimes, juvenile crimes, post-conviction services, police mistakes, prosecutor mistakes and jail alternatives. Two years ago, Grabel realized that his practice wasn’t ranking at all in organic Google search results.

Grabel hired a team of freelance contractors who help him maintain his website, create new content for his blogs and micro-sites, as well as run SEO and social media for his practice. His team is “constantly updating and adding new information” to his main website and micro-sites. The results?

  • Average time on site increased from a few seconds to 5-1/2 minutes
  • Bounce rate declined to 32%
  • Monthly visitors increased to 12,000
  • Ranks on first page for competitive key phrases

We can provide, post, and optimize pre-created or custom content. We also have a team of in-house optimization specialists who can improve your site’s ranking.

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