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The best legal content marketers follow this email’s lesson religiously. They have learned, either by personal or others’ experience, to:

Lesson 4: Publish and promote regularly

Lawyers who add new content on a predictable schedule generate more traffic than those who do so irregularly. And lawyers who promote each new addition through a variety of channels receive far more traffic than those who don’t.

Here are some lawyers who follow these two important principles. First, District of Columbia divorce lawyer Regina DeMeo (Regina shares her experience:

“I talked to a lot of my peers, as well as colleagues in other fields, to figure out what was working for them. I was willing at first to give any strategy a shot but over time I really did make sure things were worth my investment of either time or money.

“It turned out for me that I really enjoyed social media marketing. I like blogging and sharing ideas with my friends and colleagues so that is something I have used to keep everyone informed of what I do, and why I love my work. Over 50% of my business comes from friends or colleagues so sharing my passion for family law with them has helped strengthen these referral sources.”

California employment lawyer Alison Dearden says every time she shares a blog post she’s written on LinkedIn or Twitter, she gains new followers and new visitors to her site. And:

“Sharing blog articles on Twitter and LinkedIn is also a great way to share your knowledge with friends and colleagues. Even if a blog article doesn’t directly bring in a new client, your LinkedIn colleague will be reminded of your area of expertise and, thus, more likely to remember you when someone she knows is in need of your services.”

Writing and promoting regularly requires organization and discipline, and can get in the way of your practice.

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