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That diversification can be obtained a number of ways:

  • Media delivering the content’s message
  • Sources creating the content
  • Channels promoting the content

Lesson 3: Use a variety of media, sources, and channels

The way you distribute your content is not as important as its helpfulness. Lawyers are finding success with blogging, podcasting, radio, social media, TV, and some less common approaches like this one from Los Angeles business litigator Kenneth Eade:

“I am writing op/ed articles for a California law periodical, discussing the issues that have arisen from the cases I have handled.”

While Eade does attribute some of his flow of new clients to the success stories on his website, he says the main thing driving people to his practice are the op/ed articles he’s writing for the Daily Journal.

Chicago injury lawyer Jonathon Rosenfeld believes strongly in providing content from a variety of sources:

“I share all types of original content that we create: articles, blogs, court filings, videos, and infographics,” he says. “However, my primary goal is to share quality content from all sources. I regularly share material from other attorneys, non-attorneys, and general news sources who produce strong content. It’s very important to share a broad-base of material as you lose credibility when you are solely sharing material from one source.”

Mr. Rosenfeld has also long promoted his content through a variety of social and other channels, and that presence pays off in a variety of ways:

“When I launched, I was able to establish the site relatively quickly because my supporters on various platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, were willing to help spread the word and engage with us.”

The key takeaway from these examples is not to be reliant on one approach. To secure a steady flow of new clients, continue to add new ways to generate, distribute, and promote your content.

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