Competing for clients is something businesses in every industry do every day. When qualifications, products, and services look equal on the outside, businesses that get ahead of their competitors often do so because of the perks they offer; buy-1-get-1-free promotions, free shipping, free e-Books with subscriptions, or in regard to attorneys, free legal information.

Let’s take a look at what kind of information you should be providing free of charge, why you should be giving it away for free, and how doing so can lead to paying clients.

What Kind Of Content Is Best To Give Away For Free?

Content ranging from legal articles, checklists, FAQs, podcasts, webinars, videos, and infographs are all great pieces of content to provide for free. This content can be accessible through your website, blog, and social media pages.

It’s important to note that free content should be informative, but should stay as general as possible. If someone comes seeking specific case information, that is when a client-attorney relationship develops, and information/services you provide going forward should be charged accordingly.

Why Give Away Free Content?

There are a number of reasons why providing content free of charge is good for law firms. Here are a few key reasons.

  • Free content can attract your specific target audience
  • Free content can inform clients of your value
  • Free content can position you against competitors
  • Free content can show proof and results through case examples
  • Free content can show clients who you are as a person

Free content—valuable, thoughtful, and personal—also builds trust, as it shows potential clients you took the time and effort to compile helpful legal advice and tips to point them in the right direction—whether they choose to use your services or not.

How Can Free Content Lead To Paying Clients?

Free content can act as an appetizer that builds hunger for a full meal. If the free content you’re providing is valuable, clear, and informative, this is a surefire way to get potential clients to want to learn more about you, what you know, and what legal help you can lend.

If your content is presented in a way that positions you as an expert in your field, not only will prospective clients eat up all the free content you provide, they’re likely to pay for content specifically tailored to their situation, and set up a consultation with you to discuss case information.

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