As the world increasingly goes mobile, law firms are becoming aware of the importance of mobile marketing. Mobile apps are hot marketing tools for many different types of business, so it makes sense to find out whether or not your law firm would benefit by providing them.

First, the pros. Mobile apps carry perceived value. They can republish quality content from your blog and website, and provide interactive checklists, forms, etc. For instance, an injury law firm can offer an app that allows users to record details and take photos of a personal injury accident, and then submit this information to the firm for review.

With the perks mobile apps can offer clients, does your firm need to provide one? In short, probably not.Providing mobile-friendly attorney websites with responsive design outweighs the benefits of a mobile app for law firms, and here’s why.

A Mobile Website is More User-Friendly

A well-designed mobile website can offer much of the same functionality, if not more, than a mobile app. Interactive forms, content portals, photo uploading, and other tools that can be featured on an app are usually more accessible on a mobile website based on bandwidth, user permissions, etc.

Clients Need To Know About You To Use Your App

Potential clients need to know about you before they’ll download your app. This means that your firm has to reach out to clients first through other forms of marketing, including a traditional website, mobile website, blog, and social media pages—all of which can provide everything that an app can.

Developing An App is Not Cheap

The cost to develop an app can range from $2,000 to $250,000, depending on how many bells and whistles you want your app to provide. In addition, Apple and Android platforms have different app development requirements—which means unless you create two versions of the same app, your audience will be limited on either side.

Ongoing Maintenance

The frequency of how often apps on your smartphone or tablet need updating should clue you in to something. Apps need constant maintenance. Every time Apple or Android makes changes to their mobile operating systems, your law firm’s app will be affected—and you’ll have to test it to make sure it functions properly. No matter how busy your law firm is, you likely won’t have the time or patience for this.

A responsive mobile website can do everything you want an app to do, for less time and money. Couple this with your standard website, blog, and social media networks, and you’ll have all of your marketing bases covered.

And, we’ve got your attorney website needs covered! Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all of your legal marketing goals.

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