The holidays are a time for parties, traveling, and spending time with loved ones—but they’re also a backdrop for a host of legal issues. In this way, the holidays offer valuable content you can provide to your clients to keep them safe and sane during the jolliest of seasons.

Let’s take a look at a few content ideas, in a variety of practice areas.

Personal Injury and Holiday Road-Rage

With hurried drivers on the road; whether traveling long distances by car, or circling mall parking lots, the holidays can turn calm drivers into angry drivers. Couple this with adverse weather conditions, and accidents are just waiting to happen.

If you’re a personal injury attorney, or even a criminal defense attorney, create content addressing how to avoid conflict with road-rage drivers, and how to handle the season’s traffic with ease. If someone is the victim of an injury or assault resulting from road-rage, offer legal tips on what steps to take next—the first being contacting your law firm.

Employment Law and Holiday Pay

Employment and holiday pay is often misunderstood, as many employees don’t know that employers aren’t legally required to offer holiday pay. However, there are employees who have it written into their employment contracts that they’ll be allotted holiday benefits, overtime wages on holidays, etc., but this they may be unaware. Therefore, provide content discussing holiday pay, and if an employee is not sure to what he or she is entitled, how to check their company’s policies and their personal contract.

Drunk Driving and the Holidays

There’s a host of content that can be created regarding drunk driving and the holidays. This can range from a blog or infographic on how to host a safe holiday party—such as having designated drivers on hand; DUI checkpoint tips, and how to stay safe on state highways during an accident-prone season. 

Child Visitation, Divorce, and the Holidays

Family Law matters during the holidays are difficult to handle; especially regarding a recent or pending divorce, child visitation, child custody, and more. Provide content that can help a separated family deal with the holidays with less stress, or create a gift list for those who want to give a recent divorcee something special, such as a Spa day, a wine tasting trip, or a day of golf.

For parents handling child visitation or custody issues, create content that outlines a parent’s legal rights during the holidays, and what to do if their rights aren’t being enforced.

Use the Holidays to Promote Your Firm, Personally

Share video of your staff at holiday office parties. Upload photos of firm members in awful holiday sweaters, and have your readers vote for the best (or worst) one. Post your staff’s favorite holiday recipes on your blog, or offer tips on gift-giving. This is the season to really let your fun and personal side shine through. Your readers will appreciate it.

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