With business giants and global corporations competing daily for top placement on Google, it’s nice to know that Google is still looking out for the little guy.

Introducing Google My Business: a free tool and one-stop shop for small businesses—law firms included—to increase their online visibility via Google search, Google Maps, and Google+.

Google My Business is a more visual way for smaller businesses to connect with clients on a local scale, and is ideal for those who aren’t SEO-savvy, and/or are looking for Google to help them establish a significant presence online.
Google My Business puts all Google services and business-related applications in one place. With Google My Business you can:

  • Update business information on Google search, Google Maps, and Google+ simultaneously.
  • Upload staff photos and a virtual tour of your law firm to help clients see your firm on a personal level.
  • Connect daily with clients by sharing content, news, events, and other updates from your Google+ page.
  • Stay on top of business reviews from top review sites, including Google reviews.
  • Determine how clients find your firm using integration with AdWords Express.
  • Access your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Start or join a Hangout (aka video meetings) with just a click.

Google vs. Facebook: The Battle Continues

Google My Business is designed to make advertising, and finding, a local business easier than on other search portals—e.g. Facebook. While Google My Business is meant primarily for small businesses, all page owners have been upgraded to the new view to appeal to companies of all shapes and sizes. Non-local accounts can also use Google My Business effectively.

A New Dog With New Tricks

Although Google has tried management platforms before, Google My Business is different in design and application, and is poised to be the easiest, most effective way to manage your business listings and content under one roof.
Also, if you already have a Google Places account set up, no worries. There’s no need to duplicate content, as an existing account will populate into all of Google My Business portals.

Further, Google has already launched Google My Business for Android mobile users, and the iOS version will be released shortly.

For more information on Google My Business, and how it can boost your firm’s online visibility, get a hold of one of our marketing specialists today.

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