When it comes to marketing your law firm, your newsletter is likely a core component. After all, it marks the gateway to your sales funnel… it provides you with a means to stay in front of clients and prospects and it is the easiest way to help those clients and prospects learn more about what you do.

It makes sense then, that you’d want that newsletter to be the best it could possibly be. That you’d want to create something that’s actually more than just another marketing piece – that you’d want to create something that allows you to connect with your subscribers, build a rapport and generate a genuine interest in your firm’s services.

The good news is, a newsletter can do all that and more… you just need to think a little bigger.

Your Design Should Engage

As businesses go, law firms tend to be more conservative and traditional than their non-legal counterparts. And rightly so… the law, after all, is serious business. But serious doesn’t necessarily mean boring and contrary to popular opinion, a serious law firm CAN have an eye-catching newsletter.

It doesn’t have to be flashy – that minimalist look you know and love will still do just fine – but it does need to engage your audience. Take advantage of section headings and story titles; use larger, specialty fonts to draw your readers to the different segments of content. Employ a layout that allows you to maximize your space while encouraging your readers to learn more. Use graphics that are professionally created and if your newsletter is digital, consider opting for a responsive layout… remember, 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices, yet only 11% of emails sent are optimized for this format. Make sure your digital newsletters read just as well on a smartphone as they do on a desktop.

Learn to Write Catchy Titles

Creating a good title takes practice – it’s an art form, and definitely one you should master. Titles should make your readers want to learn more. It should entice them to click a link, by giving just enough to pique their interest, yet not so much that they no longer need to actually read the article.

Unlike your design, titles need a little flash and in one way or another, should give your readers a reason to click through or read more. Lists work well for this purpose, i.e., “Top 10 Ways…” or “3 Things You Never Thought…” as do titles that present a solution to an annoying problem – “How To Ensure…” or “How to Stop…” are both good examples.

Offer Something Exclusive

Your newsletter is most certainly a promotional tool, but it should do more than rehash content they can get elsewhere. Link to recent blog posts, promote upcoming seminars or events, but also give your readers something exclusive – a feature article for example, published only in the newsletter. This not only gives new prospects a reason to subscribe, it also gives existing readers something to look forward to.

Give Your Content Some Personality

While your newsletter should definitely cover topics related to your practice area, it should also help build your rapport with your readers… and this requires some personality. Include some more personal features in each issue – a note from you for example, a story or experience that you consider a defining moment or even pictures from your latest office party.

The more personal the newsletter, the more intimate the read and the more your readers begin to feel like they really “know” you.

And last but not least, promote, promote, promote. Building a strong readership takes time, but it will take even longer if you don’t keep your newsletter in the spotlight.

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