There’s a difference between working in the business vs. working on the business, and if you’re trying to grow your law firm while handling multiple clients, you’re likely doing both. Being stretched for time—and money depending on the level of business you’re generating—you’re probably looking for ways to work in and on your firm smarter, not harder.

Most lawyers aren’t trained in professional marketing, that’s why there are Internet marketing courses to help you learn quick and effective ways to market your firm like a pro. But do Internet marketing courses really help your marketing efforts, or do they simply offer empty promises that waste your time and money?
Let’s take a look at why Internet marketing courses may or may not be your best plan of attack.

Advice Caters to Big Marketers

Internet marketing courses offer great tips, and put systems into place that can generate measurable results—if you have a large marketing audience to begin with. Companies that have a lot of affiliates and other resources promoting their services will do great with Big Business advice. Law firms that have a niche audience, and don’t have multiple affiliate partners, will probably not benefit from it much.

Results Promised Are Often Unrealistic

Internet marketing companies will often inflate the results you’ll experience by taking their course(s)—after all, that’s a part of their own marketing! To find out if a course actually worked for someone, ask the company to provide testimonials from other law firm clients, both past and present. If the course is worth the investment, testimonials will speak for themselves.

TIP: Make sure the testimonials you receive are from other law firms. The company’s course may have worked wonders for an ice cream shop, but Dippin’ Dots aren’t your business.

TIP 2: If an Internet marketing company tells you that their course will double your business in a month, walk away immediately. No course can generate such Superman results, no matter what industry you’re in.

Personal Attention Isn’t Offered

Most Internet marketing courses are video based, so you’re not actually dealing with a live person (unless you take a live marketing course, and that will set you back big bucks). No matter how comprehensive these videos are, you’re bound to have questions about course material. If you’re going to invest in any video course, make sure there’s live help available to answer any questions you have.

It takes time to build your law firm, and while there are courses you can take that offer good advice and marketing tips, there are no quick fixes. By consistently posting valuable content to your website and social pages, growing your audience, and providing impeccable client service, you’re guaranteed to build your business for the long haul.

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