As an attorney actively marketing your law firm, you’ve probably heard about the latest marketing trend: social advertising. With the continued rise of social media, social advertising; e.g. paid ads on Facebook, is the next generation of online marketing for businesses—including law firms.

Law firms can benefit from the power of Facebook ads, if they’re launched and maintained correctly. If you’re considering using Facebook ads, but aren’t quite sure what this entails, here are some tips to guide you.

First, What is a Facebook Ad?

Essentially, Facebook has three sales channels for ads: Direct, Inside, and Online.

Direct sales deals with the largest global brands; think Apple and Nike. Direct sales ads have assigned account teams that promote and manage a company’s account, for which this company pays Facebook hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to do so.

Inside sales handles the next level of company clients. These companies are assigned a sales rep to manage their Facebook advertising, but don’t have the same support as direct sales accounts.

Online sales are the most common, and are for those who advertise on Facebook via the online, or self-serve, channel. You can create an ad right from the admin panel of your profile page, or you can use the ad create tool.
Facebook ads include marketplace ads, page post ads, and sponsored stories. To find out the most effective ads for your legal marketing goals, check out Facebook For Business.

Why Your Law Firm Should Invest in Facebook Ads

For starters, most online advertising reaches only 27% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 91%.

And, as opposed to other forms of online marketing; e.g. Google Adwords, you don’t need to think about what keywords your target audience is looking for on Facebook—you just need to know who your target audience is.

For example, if most of your clients come from your zip code, you can narrow your focus so that your Facebook ads are only displayed to people who live in that zip code, or the closest surrounding zip codes. Plus, with Facebook Mobile, clients on-the-go who see your ad can contact your firm instantly.

Facebook Ads Generate Buzz

Facebook ads give you the ability to have your ads seen not only by your direct followers, but also by the people those followers are connected to. And when your Facebook ads start generating likes and comments—and good ones do—your visibility will increase tremendously.

Easy Tracking Results

Like all advertising, some strategies work better than others. Facebook offers a tracking interface that tracks your KPI’s (key performance indicators), and lets you see results information so that you can tweak your ad strategies, if need be.

For more information about advertising on Facebook, and other social media marketing tactics, contact one of our legal marketing specialists today. We’re here to help!

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