There are many tasks folks can do for themselves that don’t necessarily require a professional’s assistance; e.g. changing the oil in a car, painting a bedroom, installing a kitchen sink, etc. These are all tasks that can be handled by professionals for a fee, but there’s little that can go wrong if the standard, one-size-fits-all instructions are followed by a layman.

Legal matters are not one-size-fits-all, even simple matters, but that doesn’t stop many people from trying to handle legal proceedings by themselves. With the onslaught of free legal information, and do-it-yourself products such as online wills, etc., how do you market your legal services to those who believe everything they need to successfully litigate a case is in their own hands?

Here are 3 effective ways to market your firm to legal self-servers, and appeal to folks who consider professional representation unnecessary.

1. Stress That Time Is Money

Unless someone choosing to represent themselves has legal knowledge; e.g. a law student, or an actual legal professional, it takes time to learn about the law—A LOT of time—to make sure each step taken is accurate and legally-binding.

Post content in the form of articles, videos, and infographics on your website, blog, and social media pagesexplaining that although your professional services come with a fee, they’re backed by years of education and experience, and can not only better ensure a successful outcome, they can save a layman countless hours on research. A good lawyer pays for himself many times over throughout litigation.

2. Stress That Self-Representation Puts Too Much At Stake

It’s important to stress that any legal matter, regardless of complexity, has risks, and there are too many complications that can occur if one doesn’t possess the necessary legal knowledge and skill.

A person who represents themselves is usually trying to save money on legal fees, so the last thing they want is to lose money because they didn’t proceed correctly. Make it clear how much is at stake if something goes wrong in their case. Not only could a mistake cost thousands of dollars, it could cause long-term damage in regard to child custody cases, DUI self-defense, or worker’s compensation claims.

3. Stress Your Firm’s Expertise

In a legal system that’s getting more complicated by the minute, communicate that not only is enlisting the help of an attorney critical, enlisting the help of your law firm is key. Convey that your firm has the experience and expertise to handle any case that comes its way, tackle the unexpected, and represent clients efficiently and tirelessly until a favorable outcome is reached.

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