Although there’s no magic formula to increase your followers on social media—and subsequently increase conversions—there are general guidelines that can boost your social presence, and build community around your brand. One of the most important of these guidelines is known as the 80/20 social marketing rule.

The basic concept of the 80/20 rule is that 80% of the content you post to your social networks should be original, valuable, and engaging content that is not self-promoting. The other 20% should promote your law firm and legal services with strong calls-to-action.

Why is the 80/20 Marketing Ratio Important to Law Firms?

By maximizing audience engagement and minimizing self-promotion, you’ll build a stronger, more likable brand on social media, and stand out from your competition who may be engaging in more self-promotion.

Remember, people are on social media to be social. While potential clients may be looking for legal services on social networks, they don’t want to be subjected to a constant sales pitch. This can kill an attorney-client relationship before it even starts.

A firm that focuses solely on itself will be ignored by clients. Give your social media audience what they’re there for: genuine conversation and connection that is not salesy or spammy.

80/20 Social Media Marketing Tips

Now that you know the ratio to follow, here are three tips to maximize this marketing strategy in all the right ways—for both your firm and your audience.

1. Post a Buffet of Content in Your 80%

Content on social media should not focus solely on the written word. In this day of infographics and image-centric marketing (think Pinterest and Instagram), your content should include photos, videos, graphs, interactive surveys, etc., that link to forums and more on your website and blog. Remember, some of these can be law-related, but they shouldn’t all be.

2. Include Persuasive Calls-to-Action in Your 20%

Make sure you include persuasive calls-to-action that encourage your audience to want to learn more about your firm. If you post a video tutorial on DUI checkpoint tips, explain why your firm is highly effective in handling DUI cases, and discuss successful case examples, if possible (omitting client information, of course).

3. Make Sure Your Content is Sharable 100%

Whether you’re posting personal content in your 80% or promoting your firm in your 20%, make sure that all of your content is something viewers will want to share. Always think of your audience first, and upload content that they’re interested in—you can even go so far as to ask “What kind of content would you like to see from us?” in your posts and tweets.

For more social marketing tips and tricks, contact us! Our legal marketing specialists are here to help.

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