When it comes to legal marketing, there are many forms of content, and many ways of promoting it: SEO text via articles, blogs, and social media networks, videos, infographics, even podcasts and webinars.

Having the means to expose your content and promote your firm is not the issue. Creating content that is memorable, or “sticks” in the reader’s mind is an issue, and the key to successful content marketing.

Here are 5 quick and easy ways to make your marketing content sticky, and memorable to those who view it.

1. Keep It Simple

Even legal lingo dealing with complex matters can be conveyed into simple terms. Remember, potential clients are not likely lawyers or law students, so content containing too much onus probandi talk will not only confuse them, it will probably bore them, and they won’t likely return to your site/social media pages.

2. Keep It Interesting

Again, legal topics for the layperson don’t have to be boring—no matter the practice area. Keep your content informative, but interesting. Make sure you drive home key points that need to be made, but that they are done in a way that doesn’t make the viewer feel they’re in a classroom.

3. Keep It Credible

Make sure that your content stays credible, and believable. For example, if you’re posting an article or video on DUI checkpoint tips, make sure these tips are truly helpful for someone getting pulled over by the police. Making outlandish defense claims, or giving advice that isn’t practical will tarnish your credibility, and both your content and your firm won’t be taken seriously.

4. Keep It Personable

Viewers will remember content that speaks to them on a personal level. Attorneys are not always perceived as being the most personable of professionals. Content that uses personal stories to relay information, and hosting a website and social media pages that talk more about life events than legal ones is a great way to keep viewers interested in you, and your services.

5. Keep It Sharable

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to legal cases, but you can keep your content generalized to the point that it covers a range of legal issues; e.g. what to do the moment you’re arrested, the steps you need to take to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, etc. Make sure your content contains so much helpful information that it brings value to a number of readers, and can be shared on a massive scale.

For more tips on making your content sticky, and how to promote your firm to the masses, contact us. We’ve got your legal marketing needs covered.

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